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I always wanted to be a part of the neon brigade and flaunt neon clothes, but I am forever apprehensive that I might end up looking rather foolish than stylish. So, my best bet to satisfy my neon cravings is a bright neon handbag. Neon clothes definitely look flashy and not everyone can carry them off with equal elan. Frankly, if I were to add a pop of neon to my look, it would be a flashy neon handbag. I am not brave enough to wear a bright pink or a yellow tee or green trousers. So to add all the jazz to my usual and boring neutral attire, all I need is a bright orange or green bag.

Neon Handbags Fashion

Check out all the stylish ladies  flaunting their neon handbags with everyday neutral dresses.

Neon Handbags Celebrities

Neon bags look great in winters, when you need a dash of colour to spruce the boring black, grey, beige, blah, blah….woollens. Neon bags look better in summers, with all those bright outfits and a neon handbags is just appropriate for color blocking if you are daring enough to wear neon hot pants. 😛

Neon is not just about bright orange, pink, green and yellow. A classy silver bag can be equally neon. Don’t believe me ?? Take a look

Neon Silver Handbag

Don’t worry about what type of neon bag you want to carry. Go with your comfort and style. A satchel style neon bag that features sharp, graphic lines or try a cute cross body bag that gives your hands freedom and you the carefree look.

If you are the diva of your college, cross body bags are amazing and offer you the style and comfort for a casual-chic outfit, as they vary widely as far as design goes. You can go for a cool vintage style, rounded edges bag or opt for a cool boxy style bag that gives your outfit a little bit of an edge. Cross body bags look hot when the handle features a cute chain design, so make sure you choose the one that suits your outfit and style perfectly. Go for cute mini bags or dare and opt for a medium bag that gives your outfit a perfect balance. Cross body bags don’t look good oversized, so just be moderate!

For a night out with him or your girlfriends, jazz up that awesome LBD with a neon red clutch. Don’t forget to look around and see how many heads you turn. If you are the more daring types, you have to have something like this lips clutch.

Neon Handbags Lips clutch

Still thinking about whether neon yellow, green or fuchsia hand bag would look good ? well, my safest bet would be something like these bags. Neon yet subdued.

Lovely Neon Handbags

It’s all about choosing one item to focus on–and this time, let your bag do the talking!

I found this article on how to paint your own neon handbag: DIY Neon Handbag

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  1. i am smitten by the yellow/coral bag bug. :inlove: Every where i go i tend to pick those ones only and hubby gives me this look 😐 and i come back without getting one 🙁 But m sure m getting one now. 😀

  2. Hi Anamika – been a silent reader of this blog for quite some time. The variety of articles are mind boggling. Each time I think this is the last article I will read (as I need to attend to other chores) but I just keep opening links of articles I find all around the website! And each is more interesting than the previous one! I am not much into makeup, because I never understood the myriad products in the market. But looks like your blog will change that! There is one request I have to make – cosmetics are as expensive as the brushes they are to be applied with. Could you do an article on how to take care of the brushes? Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  3. O wowwwwww!! Finally something WEIRD here to match my WEIRDNESS.. Don worry! M not sarcastic.. I am complimentin.. I love bright colors they absolutely suit my personality.. Will definitely hunt for them now..
    My eyes on *hot pink, green & orange* :yippee: :inlove: 😀


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