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 Neotex Hot Shapers

Hi Everyone!

Three weeks back I was sent Hot shapers Neotex .It’s the first time I was trying something like this as I don’t believe in many fancy ideas to lose weight.As per me right diet and exercise  can only  make one get the right body which they wish for.

After they asked me to try out these hot shapers I thought  of giving them a try considering there is no side effect of anything .I must say I have been desperately waiting  to review this product and the reason is the result which it has given me is just fabulous.

neotex hot shapers reviews

About Neotex Hot Shapers :–

Hot Shapers are clothes for everyday use, designed with NEOTEX smart fabrics that increases core temperature helping your body sweat, sweat, sweat & sweat more while wearing them during daily activities.

You can buy the hot shaper from here 

hot shapers review and result

How it Works:-

The NEOTEX smart fabric in Hot Shapers increases core temperature during excercise, sports, walk, run, baby walk, at home or any physical activity. Hot Shapers  clothing can be worn while any activity regardless of what you are doing.Just put them on and feel the results!!


  • Lose Weight
  • Maximize fitness routines
  • Slim waist tummy and thighs
  • Increase your core body temperature
  • Improve your overall well-being

( P.S-Under strict following of the healthy diet & Fiesta Hot Exercise Program)

Hot shapers reviews and price

Size:-It comes in all sizes from small to extra large.

hot shaper results

My Experience with NEOTEX Hot Shapers:-

Honestly, I sweat profusely whenever I wear this. It’s so hot in Delhi as the temperature is touching 50 degree  right now. When I first wore it I felt damn hot and didn’t feel comfortable at all but the next day I gave it a try and I actually liked it.I sweat so much in my workout that when I removed them, my inner wear was all wet due to excess sweating.

It’s a great product  and makes me feel wonderful after my daily workout regime.One gets duble benefit from their daily workout. Even if one is not into exercising, it  can just be used while going for a walk or can easily be used while doing daily house chore. It will make one sweat even without engaging in any physical activity.It’s just so effective that even if you are standing you will sweat.

neotex shapers reviews

It mainly targets the tummy area, thighs and butt area  and the most amazing thing is that within two weeks of regular usage you can easily spot the difference and the results are surely going to make you happy as you get to s definite inch loss.

These NEOTEX hot shapers come with a storage bag, a food manual in many languages and a CD.

These hot shapers are easy to wash and machine friendly so you need not take extra efforts to get them cleaned.

Truly speaking I did not find any con in this product.Well, because I am using this kind of stuff for the first time I may  not be able to point out a single con for these. But one thing is for sure that I am going to use it in the long run as I cannot ignore the intensity of effectiveness this product has.

This is really a great product and I am more than happy to have tried it. They just makes my workout look so effective!

Hot shapers results

What I like about NEOTEX Hot Shapers:-

  • Lives up to the claim of excessive sweating
  • Easy to use soft fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Looks trendy
  • Effectively tones the thighs & tummy
  • Works even without physical activity

What I don’t like about NEOTEX Hot Shapers:-

Honestly, I don’t have single con for this amazing product.

 Have you tried Neotex Hot Shapers? Do let me know how you find it .I am completely in <3 with it

Wise She Rating – 5/5


  1. 5/5 from you- its definitely a great product for sure. Using this will be really helpful in getting a toned body if proper diet and exercise is followed regularly. Thanx for sharing the review Ana..

  2. Pretty Expensive… how to decide size…. am double minded….

    Hi Ana… If not exercising…. how long to wear it… daily… did you try sans workout… is it good then also… pls check out and give yr views… value them a lot….

    • Dee..if you have any queries you can mail on the above id..

      It all depends upon you..u lose weight when u sweat so even when u r not doing anything u will sweat and lose weight ..

      I haent tried the sans workout ..ask Taru she can try anything 😛 ..i am write not trying some other workout may be i will talk about it later on our weight loss blog 🙂

    • Dee..if you have any queries you can mail on the above id..

      It all depends upon you..u lose weight when u sweat so even when u r not doing anything u will sweat and lose weight ..

      I havent tried the sans workout ..ask Taru she can try anything 😛 ..i am write not trying some other workout may be i will talk about it later on our weight loss blog 🙂

  3. Hi Anamika,

    I reside in Indirapuram.

    Just wanted to know how much it costs and how can I order it. What will be the mode of payment?

  4. Helo anamika m from Himachal nd I’ve tried many things to loose my weight nd tummy bt nthng worked..I’ve seen dis add nd then found ur reviews here, does it really work? I want to knw coz I’ve already wasted a lot of money in all dis….m jst 27 nd I’ve gained alot in last 2 yrs…I used 2 do xercise also …wil it work for me?

  5. hiii plz tell me is this really works aur if any problm occur after buying product where we complain.and how long we can use it plzzz tell me i am lot of confuse about it

  6. i saw this product on home tv shopping. i want it, and i definitely need something like this but it’s kinds expensive. it’s great for people like you to share some reviews about it. now i know, i’ll have to insist buying it coz it’s definitely worth it! 🙂

  7. Hi Anamika,
    Interesting review and seems to give a shot to it.
    I just wanted to know that since its more than a month you have been using this, have you seen any weight loss and/or any change in size? IF yes, how much and have you made any changes in your daily lifestyle?

  8. Hi,
    I,want to buy this product but have several questions about it.
    I am not sure of the size I should get.
    Also, if this product can help me in loosing my extra fat on stomach area.
    While checking the reviews I found out that there is a hot shaper belt as well but it’s not available in India.
    Can I get that belt too?

    What would be the price of this product?

    Thanks and Regards,


  10. Hi anamika most of my fat is in my tummy n thighs and cellulites in my back lower portion do u think it aid work I hv already waisted a lot money for slim tummy no result

  11. These people will come to your house for money but after that no co operation s. Totally wastage. Customer care girls just tooo bad. They will say that they are too busy so can’t entertain your complaint

  12. Pliz can u help me from where I should purchase the original product of neotex shaper in India, n I want to know the price

  13. Greetings, I would like to know the price of this products Are there any discounts for students. Which sizes do you have.

  14. Hi

    I want to know does it really works out for me I have lower body weight thighs and buttocks??
    how do I buy this? I mean how do get to know size of the hot shapers

  15. Anamika. Does this product really work? Because usually I don’t believe in weight loss products, but this product has brought the attention of all young ladies who develop lower body fat. I wanted to try this product only after reading you review. Honestly does this work anamika? I’m stressing on this Becaus I don’t want my hard earned to be wasted. Hope u revert back. Thanks anamika . 🙂

  16. I have bought hot shapers from flip cart at the cost of 865 but I am not sweating after wearing this product so please guide what to be done.


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