Neroli Essential Oil & Its Uses


Neroli Essential Oil & Its Uses

Another revolutionary product after the citronella and jojoba oil is Neroli oil. Alike Citronella oil, it is also used for aromatherapy and therefore is seen with scented candles and aroma products. It is widely used by Spa salons for the expensive massages that we go for.

Named after an Italian princess, it is pretty much known for its orange fruit scent. It can be pale yellow or coffee brown in color, so don’t get confused seeing different colors. But yes, be sure of buying non-adulterated oil as its color causes some manufacturers to dilute it. The test of authenticity would be its strong smell which stays with it always.

skin benefits of neroli oil

Since ancient times, this oil is being used for relaxation and mind healing. Today it is being used extensively in Fragrance industry. It is good for the skin and helps keep it rejuvenated. It is a boon for all skin types as it helps in bringing the shine to your face. For pregnant women and women who have had their deliveries recently, it is pretty good with stretch marks! Do try it. I am sure you would be amazed to know it is also a good anti-depressant. It is being encouraged to be used to treat psychiatric patients and depressed people.

Laser treatment for pigmented skin

Anti-spetic Nature

The Oil is also used to treat cuts and wounds which is one of its anti-septic qualities. It can be directly massaged on the skin to use. It also helps in maintaining blood pressure. However does not suit everyone. Some people complain of a headache or nausea using it, so it’s always better to do an elbow test or smell test before using it so that we do not regret using it.

Oil Your Hair

I am already contemplating purchasing it now immediately since I can imagine its fine aroma already. Massaging it on my head with its softer touch benefiting me and my skin equally is definitely a good idea.

While on menstruation, using a few drops of it in your water also help relieve the discomfort to a considerable extent. Isn’t it a definite must have?

Pricey but Worth

I am going to buy it soon. It is available across spa salons in the city in various sizes. Usually, it is priced at 15ml at Rs 450 approximately. This is a high price! I agree but since it requires nearly 1000 orange blossom flowers to make 1 pound of oil, it is understandable. We should use it in a stringent amount with our shampoo or conditioner or oil and use. This way we would definitely justify our purchase which would be visible with the results we achieve.

I am sure you all know about Eau-de-Cologne, the famous fragrance from Germany! It is also made from this Neroli Essential Oil, as the main ingredient. Isn’t it fascinating?

Well, after a word of caution, let me end this post here and go to grab a bottle of the Oil for myself. In case you are trying to avoid sleep or are looking to focus on something important like an office project, avoid using it as its sedative ingredients can make you act otherwise. Rest, it is very good to use it and one must use it as a stress-reliever at least.

Do try it if it passes the elbow and smell test on you. It is a definite magic in a bottle!

Have you tried this oil before?

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