Neutrogena Fine fairness Cleanser Review


By Prerana,                                                                                       Neutrogena Cleanser fine fairness

It was 1 year back when a new Neutrogena store was inaugurated in my locality, and I purchased 4-5 products of fine fairness range at one go…thinking to get “fine fairness” with this high-tech product – it included gentle cleanser, scrub, fairness lotion, sunblock and this cleanser.

neutrogena fine fairness cream and cleanser review

What Neutrogena Cleanser Claims :-

Neutrogena fine fairness cleanser is a purifying cleanser thoroughly removes impurities to help improve fairness and over all translucence.

It contains:-

  • # Vitamin C and proven skin lightners that help improve fairness and translucence.
  • # Essential Soy, an exclusive soybean extract hat improves fairness and skin clarity.
  • Price :-Rs 170/- for 100 gms


Neutrgoena Fine Fairness Cleanser Ingredients :-

Neutrogena Fine fairness Cleanser Ingredents

  • Packaging :-It comes in a squeeze tube packaging with a flip open cap. The consistency is like of a heavy cream which is very hard to blend on skin, so usually I used to take out a little on my palm and add a little water to dilute it and then apply on face. Sometimes I even face problem to take the cleanser out, because the cream is so thick it needs lots of pressure to squeeze it out!!
  • Fragrance– It has off white color and has a  slight soybean fragrance

Neutrogena Fine fairness Cleanser Review

My Experience with Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cleanser :-

I had hate at 1st use type experience with it! Firstly it needs little pressure to squeeze it out, then it doesn’t spread even on wet face properly, more over it made my oily skin super duper dry. The moment I washed my face and patted towel, I felt my facial skin to be rough to touch, I literally ran to apply moisturizer! It was month of Nov  so I thought may be due to approaching winters my skin is feeling more dry, so I kept it in my drawer after 7-8 uses. Now when there is peak summer i thought of trying it once again and  the same kind of dryness! It is giving the same rough, stretchy skin after wash.

I also felt little fairer skin, but it was temporary  but then I can’t let my skin become dry to get that fairness!

Neutrogena Fine fairness Cleanser Review

What I like about Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cleanser

  1. Its packaging is very hygienic, travel friendly.
  2. It is dermatologically tested.
  3. Oil-free, non-comedogenic and allergy tested.
  4. It gives a temporary fair skin.


Neutrogena Fine fairness Cleanser Review

What I disliked about Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cleanser

  1. Makes my oily skin super dry. (I fear to imagine what it will do to dry skin!)
  2. Texture is very thick, needs pressure to squez eit out.
  3. Tried for at-least 1 month but couldn’t see permanent fairness effect.

Will I recommend it to others :-No for sure


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  1. hello anamika…..tum sayad soch rahe ho ke ani kaha gayab ho gayi…mai bilkul thik hu,,my modem is not working properly because of the thundershower which ruined it…….so.. 🙁 … i have to send that to servicing center…..i miss you all very much

  2. Oh! i had seen this in so many stores and was actually waiting for my moisturisrs t gt over so i vud get this…was curious about the soybean ingrdient..Thanks Prerana for doing this review..u saved me some cash 🙂

    • same here..i was gona get their sunblock..but then A suggested Lakme the same day so i went ahead and picked that up..its working really well for me so far..

      the only neutrogena product m using right now is their gentle exfoliating face wash..its nice and cleanses okay..but i dont see any vast diff in my black heads and the fragrance is kinda medicinal..ugh!

  3. nice review ……..I have tried this facewash and it produced the same drying effect on my oily skin. I also tried their deep clean face wash, which also was not upto expectations, I had brought the bigger bottle which is still lying unused, waste of money 🙁

  4. oops..!!neutrogena is such a worst product..?? i ve just tried their lip balm and i was’nt satisfied with it..anyways yo ppl saved ma money with ur good review..thanx a lot..:)


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