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Prerna Sharma, 


Neutrogena – Neutrogena Fairness Cream-

Last month I posted my mini Neutrogena haul in Wiseshe. Now I’m in a position to review it as well. So I’m starting with Neutrogena fine fairness lotion. It is a product of fine fairness range. This range contains Healthy white Complex which is a potent combination of active ingredients. Clinically proven to suppress melanin production to improve skin clarity and lighten dark spots. Healthy white complex contain- Essential soy, stabilized vitamin C, Vit B3, portulaca extract. It is a daily moisturizing lotion, has a shell life of 2years.

Pump dispenser

Price of Neutrogena fine fairness lotion is  Rs 250/- for 50ml

Key Ingredients: – Essential soy, limits transfer of melanin to outer layer of skin
                           – Stabilized Vit C, act as antioxidant
                           – Vit B3 renew cell
                           – Portulace, for calming effect
                           – Melazyme, activeenzyme tech for cell renewal
                           – Mica, titanium dioxide for lightening skin and sun protection
                           – Helioplex, a patented stabilizing complex protection
                              Broad-spectrum UVA & UVB filters

What Neutrogena fine fairness lotion claims:

Delivers Healthy White Complex that protects skin against melanin formation and uneven pigmentation for healthy, fair and translucent glow. SPF30 helps protect skin from photo damage. It is oil-free.

My experience with it

Although the store attendant told me Neutrogena fine fairness lotion is a moisturizing + fairness lotion but I found the moisturization is not sufficient. It also leaves a slight shine on face which I don’t like coz I’m already an oily skinned girl! It is much lighter in texture than fine fairness cream and gives instant whitening effect. But I feel this whitening effect along with the shine makes me look as if I have put wrong shade of foundation. It comes with a pump dispenser so no waste, you know how much to pump out.

Though it says suitable for all skin type but I think in summers oily skin will find it greasy (as I found). This is may be due to the presence of light diffusing-minerals present in it.

 Swatch-                          See the shiny lotion, It has a translucent, slightly runny.

Look- Can you see the instant whitening. Well, all absorbed into the skin.

If u have oily skin as I do, then it will give a slight shine to your face after some time. With dry skin, it will go just wonderful. Now to sum up let me write some quick pros and cons-


1. Moisturizer with an added advantage of SPF15.
2. Contains healthy white complex which are essential soy, stabilized Vit C, Vit B3, portulace. 
3. Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant properties. 
 4. Decently priced.
5. Dermatologist recommended. 
 6. It is non-comedogenic.
 7. Comes with a pump dispenser so no much wastage. You know how much to pump out.
8. High-tech product.


1. Oily skin may feel it a bit greasy after some time.
2. Although it claims matte effect but it didn’t

3. May leave a white cast if not blended properly or applied in an excess amount.
4. Not travel-friendly, the pump may accidentally get pressed creating a mess in your purse.
5. Fairness products are not healthy if used for a long time.
6. In winters lotion won’t moisturise sufficiently.

Will I repurchase it again?
No. I purchased this product because I just wanted to try it. Moreove, I don’t like the slight but whitish cast and shine it gives to my face and also don’t moisturize well in this winter season, I may use the left over lotion on my arms in summers to whiten them and protect from sun.

What is your favorite fairness cream?

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