Neutrogena Light Night Cream Review


Hi All,

Before I invested in (or was even aware of) the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Range, I thought to try this night cream from Neutrogena…It claimed to be Light, which is exactly what I aimed for at the time till I researched some more. Turns out, I shouldn’t have tried..this is one of the most horrible creams I’ve ever tried…Read on to find out more..

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About Neutrogena Light Night Cream

This non-greasy, dermatologist-tested formula absorbs quickly into skin.It provides an immediate surge of moisture, doubling skin’s moisture level for eight hours.Helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sustains a high level of moisturisation without being heavy. Non-greasy, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free. For normal to dry skin types.

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Absorbs quickly
  • Quantity: 63gms
  • Price: INR300

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  • Packaging – This comes in a medium sized tub with a blue screw top lid. It’s quite secure and  travel friendly….not too hygienic though considering you have to dip into the tub. Personally I don’t mind that but for some, it may be an issue…
  • Color & Texture – It is a stark white cream which is soooooo thick!! I’m not really fond of this texture because I feel like it just sits on the skin like an oily layer refusing to budge. It takes eons to get absorbed and in my case (I have combi skin), it doesn;t even get absorbed..In the morning after I wake up I have a oily layer on my face.neutrogena light night cream review+ neutrogena light night cream
  • Fragrance- this claims to be fragrance free…I can’t understand how anyone could make this claim. This has a very distinctive fragrance..Infact, its smells exactly like the Ponds Cold Creams…and well, I hated the smell to say the least.neutrogena light night cream review+ neutrogena+ cold cream

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My experience with Neutrogena Light Night Cream:

I have already mentioned above how this made my skin so oily.. I use a really tiny amount..I mean like maybe a tiny dollop or so and even then this acts as if the aim of its life is to bring all the oil in my body to the surface of my face by morning.


Also, it broke me out!! Within 2 nights of using this, I awoke to a smattering of pimples on my forehead and on the side of my nose. Really disgusting…I looked like a oil kadai in which I’d just finished frying puri’s!!! Horrid, horrid cream.

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In an attempt to make this work, I even tried applying this only to my cheeks which are really dry..But even then the next morning, my cheeks were glistening like how a heroine’s lips are supposed to in a sappy romance romance novel when the hero is about to kiss her! Sorry for the bad analogy but I really can’t help it…


So I really can’t see this working for super dry skinner beauties either…I started using this on my body on irritated skin..But it form such an icky layer that I have to wipe it off with a wipe cloth after sometime….This cream is def going to be binned!neutrogena light night cream review+ neutrogena cream swatch

I won’t bother with listing the pros and cons because I have nothing nice to say about this cream and all the negatives have been emphatically described above…

Have any of you tried the Neutrogena Light Night Cream? Did you have the same experience as I did?

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  1. Ooh Horrible thing this little jar!
    But I loved how you took your revenge Zee hahaha I mean bitching it out here Lolllzzzzzz 😀 😀

  2. Thanks a ton for this review Zee! I too like Neutrogena but never imagined the brand could go so wrong 🙁 I can’t even begin to think how greasy this’d feel on my uber oily skin :sweat:

  3. OMG Zara, It gave you break outs.I wont even go near to it if I see this cream anywhere in any mall. :sidefrown:
    Thank you so much for the review. :-))

  4. Thanks for the review….I was considering buying this after I read somewhere this being good for oily skin. Can you suggest some other night cream for oily skin?

  5. exactly same happened with me bought this 2 years ago and had terrible break out 🙁 damn took me so much time to heal it. Damn their dermologically tested stuff ( :pissedoff: )

  6. I m sorry to hear it didn’t help, I ve tried everything and finally this really helped, I guess its different for everyone, i have very dry skin and cuz of the humidity and heat , i got heat rash on my cheekbones, this cream really helped me to not only reduce the rash but also keep my skin moisturized.


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