Neutrogena Sunblock SPF50 Review


Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry touch sunblock SPF 50+ (PA+++) Review by Prerna

Neutrogena offers 3 sunblocks in India Ultra sheer SPF 50+ (88ml), Ultra sheer body mist SPF 30 and Age shield Sunblock. Since I stay out in home for many hours I chose Ultra Sheer SPF 50+ sunblock for me. I believe sunblocks are more effective than sunscreens, that’s why I chose this neutrogena sunblock.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock

Difference in sunscreen and sunblock –
Sunblock is opaque, it makes a barrier to the skin and is able to “block” majority of the UVA/UVB rays and radiation from the sun, thus there’s no need to reapply it every hour.
Sunscreen has the ability to protect against UVA/UVB rays but is more transparent so has to be reapplied every hour. It does not block all the rays of sun as it acts like a screen to stop some rays and allow some rays to penetrate in skin.

What the product claims: Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry touch sunblock SPF 50+(PA +++) is a breakthrough in sun protection. Stabilized with Helioplexâ„¢ , it provides superior balanced broad spectrum protection against skin aging UVA and burning UVB rays and combines it with Dry Touch Technology for an ultra light, non shiny finish. This light weight sun block has a light fresh scent and is gentle enough even for sensitive skin.

Price: Rs 425/- for 88ml 🙂

Directions: Apply liberally on face and body 15 – 30 minutes before sun exposure. For added protection, reapply after swimming, towel drying or extended sun exposure.

Neutrogena Sunblock SPF50
Neutrogena Sunblock SPF50 with handy small opening

Best feature of this product: It contains a compound called Helioplex which is Neutrogena’s patented compound. The chemicals used in normal sunscreens absorb UVA but degrade quickly after exposing to sun and become ineffective. Helioplex combines two existing sunscreens- avobenzone and oxybenzone, which block UVA  and UVB  rays. But since avobenzone is in a more stable form in presence of Helioplex, it doesn’t lose its effectiveness with exposure to sunlight and gives broad-spectrum protection after 5 hours of sun exposure.

My experience with it:

  • After applying oil-free moisturizer when I apply this light lotion like sunblock, I don’t feel heavy. It is light in texture, absorbs effortlessly and truly gives a dry touch to my skin.
  • It doesn’t give greasy feeling or any kind-a whitish cast to my oily skin.
  • I didn’t felt any burning sensation / tanning after spending hours under sun with this sunblock on my skin. I completely love it and it has become my HG sunblock now.. 🙂

Neutrogena Sunblock SPF50 Swatch

Neutrogena Sunblock SPF50 Swatch
Neutrogena Sunblock SPF50 blended with a dry touch
Neutrogena Sunblock SPF50 blended with a dry touch


  • Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores).
  • Oil free and PABA free.
  • Water proof and sweat proof.
  • Ideal for oily skin, but it will suit dry skin as well.
  • SPF 50 provides high levels of both UVA (PA +++) and UVB protection
  • Light in texture, absorbs in skin easily and gives a dry, smooth finish, at the same time did not dry out my skin also.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • It spreads easily on skin like a lotion, I didn’t had to rub it on my skin for a long time as I used to blend other sunscreen creams.


  • The price of 425/- Rs just for 88ml is big ! (but looking at its efficiency, it’s ok for me).
  • No list of ingredients on the pack!

Will I repurchase: Yes. It’s my HG sunblock 🙂


  1. Even I also bought this…and I totally love it. Since the time I have started using it,I don’t experience any tanning or allergy on my skin.
    Its definitely effective 🙂

  2. Hey Prerna even I am using the same and was thinking to review it 🙂 Yes a great product for summers..I purchased 2 tubes and I carry it along with me wherever I go..jus loving it

    • Same pinch Sri, and u have dry skin na?? and this sunblock didn’t made your skin dry, hai na?? so hence proved its well suited for oily as well as dry skin.. :-)) :-))

  3. Good that it works for you Prerna. I have a greasy feeling when I apply it 🙁 Planning to get the lotus sun block since I liked their anti-tan gel. And this neutrogena one, they have come up with a smaller tube that can be carried along 🙂

    • Oh, so sad it didn’t worked for u Maha, I can understand it coz everybody’s skin is not same! :-((
      And u are saying thrs a small tube ?:-) I didn’t saw it! But will ask for it next time, but I think this 88ml going to last me for 3months, I need a very small amount for my face and keep most of the body parts covered in summers.

    • Hi Arti, u use spf30 of Neutrogena, ie., the age shield kya? I too asked for it but it was costlier than ultra sheer, :-(( something 550 or 590/-
      Well, in winters I use Biotique wheat germ cream for day & Lakme fruit moisture strawberry, kiwi & passion fruit night cream at night. In summers no night cream and for day I’v started using Khadi saffron aloeVera & honey herbal moisturizer (its absolutely moisturizing & didn’t made me greasy after 7hrs of application also) 😉

    • Sara, I think may be u are applying it in more quantity than what is actually required, :-/ :-/ try to start applying in pea size amount in all areas of your face and then let me know.. 😐
      And ya, do apply any loose powder on face when stepping out of home, it will soak up all oil frm ur face :yes: :yes:

  4. Nice review. I wanted to have an honest review of this which you came up with. I use a sunscreen for chemists’. But in extreme summers, I frequently was my face. So need to slip in something in my bag. I guess this will find a place in my purse.

  5. I have oily face and this one was like magically absorbed….i used it when i went to goa and must say it was one of the best sunscreens i have used…we girls always want to try and see if there is something better so dint get it once i finished it….mmmm

  6. yes i use ageshield and its my HG !…gr8 u use khadi moisturizer …..somehow i never find khadi products …..really wanna try it….btw lotus aloehydra has broken me badly i m having flaky patchy skin and red spots all over my face ….now waiting for my skin to recover then will try lakme peach and plum or khadi moisturizer

  7. A very nice review. of late i have been hearing only
    about this and now you are tempting me to buy it. i have
    a bit of FabIndia Sunscreen which i am using after
    applying their depigmentation cream.
    Now, beneath this sub block, is it okay if i use Olay whitening
    day cream? its like i use olay cream first and then netrogena
    sun block….am i right? oh yes. i have dry skin.
    Like Anamika said….i’ve started looking like Hidamba already!
    very bad pigmentation i have.

  8. im really really and very happy and satisfied using sun block ultra sheer dry touch spf 50.but the sad part is there is no stock in ooty..i’ve been hunting for days but couldn get it..

  9. Hi,
    Nice Review. Seems to be good, I’m looking for a sunblock, this review really helped me.
    Will this remove exist “sun spots” and “tan” ? If not suggest me something which can do this OR how to remote it.

  10. Hai……..again am also a big fan of this sunblock……..i tried a lot of sunscreens and got fedup because i have oily skin and nothing helped…….but finally landed up in this product and am really happy with it!!!!!

    Hey guys….can any one tell me which night cream is best for oily skin?……i use neutrogena moisturiser (oil-free) in winter and it was fine….but now(summer) if i use it….i breakout the next morning… any one please suggest a nice night cream for me(oily skin) in summer!!!!!!!(i also use neutrogena deep-clean facial clenser,toner)!!!!!!!

  11. hi prerana, i hv dry skin m using lakme sun screen but it didn’t satisfied me, can u please suggest which one i can use in summer………thanks in advance 🙂

  12. Prerna/gurls

    Well this is a guy here. I guess I do need a sunscreen!! But not sure which one? I guess I have normal to very little dry(in winters specially) skin. I’m 26+ & have fair skin tone. Please suggest which sun-scream should I buy and also other moisture to keep my skin healthy. Thanks

    Cheers !!

  13. Hi , very one Im using the Neutrogena range right since its launch in india, But this sunblock has been my skin saver for all seasons!! i went for thier skin cleanser , toner and fine fairness mosturizer regime n it works satis factory, though i still havent been able to get rid of a bit uneven skin tone and dark spoks off my facial skin, plz suggest me OTHER products, i have combination skin and a bit oily nose skin….


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