Never Seen Pics Of Old Delhi During Ramadan


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I have heard good things about Old Delhi food but I never thought of visiting the place as such.Few days back my facebook feed was buzzing with the invites of Old Delhi events where the host was going to show some popular food joint in Old Delhi.

Old Delhi is always buzzing with food and fun in the month of Ramadan and everyone who loves Mughlai cuisine should have a taste here.Visiting the place made me fell in love with this place .I was there from 7 in the evening till 10:30 p.m and it was such a safe place to be unlike many other Delhi places.This city has its own  charm which one can only experience by visiting it.

The lanes, the food and the people are so welcoming that even if you are not from Delhi will feel at home. An evening at Old Delhi will change your view about this place and I am sure you will long to come here again and again. Captured a few moments in Old Delhi. Have a look 🙂

The first and the most prominent landmark in Old Delhi is Jama Masjid. You can just see the beauty of the architecture here. The sun setting at the backdrop and the Azaan make the experience heavenly. And look at the people here.

Everyone is having their share of food during Iftaar and look how amazing it looks. :)I forgot to take anything to cover my head but none pointed it out.Everybody was courteous and I almost felt as if I belong to the community.

After that, when moving ahead there are some places in this area which deserve special mention. Aslam Chicken Shop which serves one of the best Butter Chicken in the city looks so traditional. A little congested but when they greet you with a smiling face, you can’t ask for more!

Below is the pic of Aslam owner and they won’t let you leave without taking their picture :).

Look at the food 😛

This is the oh-so-famous Butter Chicken from this shop which has 100% butter in it. 🙂 It has 35 ingredients and it is marinated whole night.This is the only dish which is prepared there and it’s a three-story restaurant.When I entered to have the food it was moderately busy but when I started coming down I saw the queue from the third floor till the ground floor and even more. People don’t mind standing and waiting for hours just to taste this chicken.

Moving ahead I saw kids happily playing around and greeting you with a pure smile, you feel good.They greet you, love and welcome and are happy to be clicked.

There are some things which are priceless. Like the dreams of this boy who wants to visit Dubai and says “Inshahalaah kabhie wahan Dubai phauch jayenge “

Moving ahead, there was Briyani waiting for us at Mohd Taufik shop..Biryani here is not the usual biryani which we get here in Delhi..It has some achaar and boneless meat in it. One gets buffalo as well as chicken biryani here. It seems mutton biryani is not that popular here and that’s the reason I didn’t see it that much.

Below is the pickle which is added in the Briyani.

Food is prepared with hygiene and they try their best to display it beautifully

Before entering the Jama Masjid I found a lot of “Bhajia wallas”. I think these are used to break the fast.

This is the paneer jalebi which is filled with Indian cheese and loaded with sugar syrup.It’s soft and delicate and best to be eaten hot.

Below is a guy who is selling pakoras again and happily answered all my questions.

Below is this “Gud ka sharbat” ..It is sweet, chilled and lemony.It’s a pretty famous shop and it is said that he is the only one who sells it all over India.

Time for some Kebabs and this Quereshi Ka Kabab Corner is simply one of the best. People are crazy about it and it is pretty near to Jama Masjid .One can ask anyone there and can easily reach there.

Some traditional stuff that needed a click individually.

The people are welcoming and you feel safe here. Delhi can be unsafe but not Old Delhi 🙂

Jama Masjid is still on of the most underrated places in Delhi but if you love Delhi food and want to taste something divine, then this is your place to be 🙂

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  1. Hum log Meena Bazaar shopping k liye jaatey thy, tab humne bhi bahut njoy kiya ye sab , bahut yummy rehta hai, Ramzaan k mahine me rounak hi badal jaati hai
    Aapne purane din yaad dila diye


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