New Brand Coming Up : Johara


New Brand Coming Up Johara

Hello Wise She Beauties, Today I am here to give a little sneak peek of an upcoming New Brand Coming Up Johara cosmetics which is an unrivaled range of cosmeceutical products comprising both skincare and makeup!

There are a wide range of products which I have shown below and I will be trying them in the coming weeks and later on shared my detailed reviews!

new johara cosmetics

Read on further to know more about the brand!

About Johara Cosmetics

Johara or ‘jewel’ in Arabic is created on the premise that just like jewelry adorns your natural beauty, the Johara range of products are devoted to beauty and elegance, in both appearance and spirit.

johara cosmetics range

It’s not every day that a beautiful brand is born. Hand-picked from the secrets of time-tested botanical ingredients that have evolved from pure science and scripted in many ancient texts across the world. Crafted from years of meticulous research, Johara is a brand so scientifically driven, the result can only be beauty that is pure and real.


  • Our skin care formula will always be free of Parabens, Sulfate, Synthetic Dye or Formaldehyde.
  • Our skin care products will always have standardized botanical extracts and will be clinically relevant.
  • All our products are dermatologist tested non-irritating and non-sensitizing, just as nature intended.
  • We will never test on animals

Product Range-

new brand johara cosmetics

I happened to receive an extensive product range of 6 products about which I have elaborated in detail below-

Johara Phytobright Whitening Cleanser

Johara Phytobright Whitening Cleanser

Price– INR 600 for 100ml

It is a gentle purifying cleanser that effectively removes impurities and reduces excess oil while protecting your skin’s vital moisture. This gentle cleanser will also enhance your skin’s texture to reveal beautiful clarity and glow.

Johara Phytobright Whitening Mask

Johara Phytobright Whitening Mask

Price– INR 450 for 75g

Beneath every beautiful face is a radiance waiting to shine through! This creamy, rinse-off facial mask is the perfect treat for a radiance boost for your skin. Formulated with PhytoBright Complex, it will absorb dulling surface oil and impurities and enhance surface cell turnover, to instantly unveil skin that’s fresher, more vibrant and even-toned.

Johar Phytobright Whitening Day Lotion SPF 20+++

Johara Phyobright Whitening Day Lotion with SPF 20

Price– INR 900 for 50ml

A refreshing, hydrating day moisturizer that creates a more even skin tone while protecting skin from future darkening with high-level UVA/UVB defense. This ideal moisturizer is light weight, yet hydrates the skin, right through the day! Specialized moisturizers with natural sun screen ingredients gives your skin protection, moisture boost and all-day-long natural radiance.

Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence

Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence

Price– INR 1200 for 30ml

A quick-absorbing serum enriched with natural, true-to-life botanicals that helps restore youthful clarity, while aiding in natural skin lightening. You will see an overall brightening of your complexion, even-skin tone and sheer radiance.

Johara Phytobright Whitening Night Cream

Johara Phyobright Whitening Night Cream

Pamper your skin with this luxurious night cream that revitalizes skin after daily exposure to external stressors. The night cream gently replaces dull, worn-out surface cells with livelier, more luminous ones. Upon waking, skin looks radiant, supple and smoother to touch.

Johara Expert Pen Eyeliner

Johara Expert Pen Eyeliner

Price– INR 325

Play it fine or dramatic Super-precise innovative tip. Put an expert to line the windows to your soul. Johara Expert Pen Eyeliner is a sketch eyeliner and is quite pigmented in a single swatch! I have swatched this kajal in the video below!

Packaging– Each of these skincare products are packed uniquely and have the color code of white and green. Each of them have an individual packaging like a serum has a certain packaging while a night cream comes in a tub packaging! All the other details will be shared in the separate reviews!

My Initial Thoughts About The Upcoming Brand : Johara

Well, I received these products and I am hoping that these are effective in the specific areas to which each product caters to!

The products definitely look tempting and promising claims have even made me eager to start using these products!

The best thing about these skin care products is that it is free from synthetic compounds like parabens, sulphates etc. and uses mostly botanical extracts for a holistic treatment of various skin concerns!

Checkout the video below for more details!

For more details, here are the following links to help you with a better knowledge about the brand-


 Official Website

 Online Portal

I will be reviewing each of the products in the coming weeks so stay tuned for this new brand of cosmetics!

Have you tried any cosmetics from the brand Johara before?

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