New Dove Damage Therapy:Shampoo & Conditioner Review


After my not so good experience with Herbal twist and curl essence I bought new Dove damage therapy intense repair shampoo and Dove dryness care conditioner.My hair are no more oily and I think it is easy to maintain dry hair now :dazed:.They just need regular maintenance of oil or hair packs and rest every think is hunky dory:D:D

I have to tell you this that  after reading my review on Herbal essence twist and curl shampoo one of the reader Sneha who have tried the shampoo said that she now uses the shampoo to wash her car.It cracked me up :rotfl: .I got inspired from her and  used the shampoo to wash basins and bathrooms and I so enjoyed it because of its fragrance :D:D

Dove damage theraphy Intense repair shampoo review

Dove damage therapy intense repair shampoo

With Patented micro moisture serum and fiber actives dove damage therapy shampoo reconstruct hair deep inside and prevents split ends and breakage.

  • Price Rs 64 for 100 ml
  • Ingredients – Does contain SLES


My experience with Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo


  • One needs a small amount and it lathers well
  • It has a nice fragrance which is not long lasting
  • Washes off oil easily from my hair
  • Doesn’t make my hair dry
  • Makes my hair frizz free
  • Softens hair too


What I  did not like about Dove Damage therapy intense repair shampoo

  • I didn’t see any improvement in the quality of my hair and neither I am sure how well it will work on rebounded and chemically treated hair as it does contain many chemicals.
  • Rating – 3.5/5


Dove Damage Therapy Dryness Care Conditioner


Dove Intense Damage Therapy shampoo review


Dove recognizes that the main reason for our hair struggle is damage.That’s why we put damage care and repair at the heart of everything we do .

Advance damage care technology .Patented MICRO MOISTURE SERUM effectively nourishes hair to bring back its moisturization

  • Price 60 INR For 90ml

Dove Damage therapy dryness care conditioner review


My experience with Dove Damage Therapy Dryness Care Conditioner


  • It is a thick conditioner which has a nice soothing fragrance
  • Decently priced
  • Keeps my hair soft
  • Doesn’t make them greasy and one 90 ml  bottle lasts long.
  • It is easy to wash it off and gives a nice shine to the hair.
  • If you have dry hair then you wont feel greasy but  for oily hair people it might make their hair oily after 2 days or so.


What I did not like about Dove damage therapy dryness care conditioner

I think with this price I couldn’t  have asked for more in this.

Its  even better than previous  dove intense damage therapy shampoo

Wise She Rating – 4/5

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  1. I love dove body wash ..using it like for ages but somehow I didn’t like the shampoo ….as you know mine is oily hair too. Now your review is like making me to think again …ahh just yday I got a new shampoo…so this may be for next time and your potpuri is so cute …I got something very same

  2. hmm i feel both will be more apt for dry or semu dry hair..and anyways yur hair r too use to of Body shop so cant complain na..and by the way i checked yur vanilla cake i wish u could be my sis 😛

  3. sound nice…. dove came with new range .. guess this one is batter than old ones…. :evilgrin: :evilgrin: thinking to try it.
    anu i have dry hair and hair ends are too dry sometimes after using conditioner it look like broom :loser: :loser: …… wht to do plz advice.
    as i use hot oil message with almond oil, coconut oil, seasame oil.. but nothing works 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  4. ohhh.. will buy tomorrow :heh:
    but wht about dry ends…. 🙄 🙄 it scares me while sleeping alsooo :struggle: :struggle: :struggle:

    • for dry put baby oil on your dry ends and your hair soak them then apply a conditioner on it and wash it of as usual might help

  5. i’ve heard alot about Dove’s new range..I am using the Intense therapy conditioner right a travel size ..and its working really the humidity if Tvm, my hair does get frizzy which is a boon.. 🙂

  6. hey these shampoos are heavily detergent based I guess !!
    though me not comfortable using shampoos !!!
    nice tip.. I too have used baby shampoo to wash the car .. also one full bottle of nail polish remover to erase the enamel marks on the car !!!
    even my mom is allergic to detergents so always use shampoos for washinh bathrooms. Everytime I go to big bazar and buy hue jar size bottles of low priced shampoos for my mom 😛
    i remember once in big bazar they had buy on get one free offer on imported shampoos ( one litre One).
    so me grabbed two bottles each and got two more extras so totally (4 litres) 😛
    nice to know that u too enjoy using it.
    U r true
    the smell is so invigorating !!

  7. u r true but my mom is such a cleanliness freak.. so even she cleans the bathroom again once after the maid washes it !!
    moreover everyone loves the shampoo smell rather than bleach 😎

    • nowadays we do have nice fragrance one na..but i like clean moms 🙂
      my mom even gets pocha done after washing the bathroom 😛

  8. I thought herbal essences was good brand and had really good shampoos specially the color protecting ones…washing a car!!! speaks a lot about the shampoo 😀 btw you can try out the new dove hair mask which is I guess of the same range…some damage therapy or something for dry hair..don’t remember it exactly but its same as the dove conditioners I felt 🙂

    • Swati i have tried that already it is more or less like the conditoner only..i have tried the blue pack and the white pack:)

      • yeah…that’s true..its like a conditioner only and does a fine job…nothing great 🙂 I have heard that the hair fall one is really horrible…I have the blue so guess the white one is the hair fall one…

  9. New dove with micro serum conditioner is really good..old one dint worked for me..but this one is making hair really soft and gives some shine also . 🙂

  10. Anamika i m getting hooked to ur column .Its nice n informative bt its nt doing my neck any gud bt then u gain some n u lose some .Today m going to get the maybelline black crayon coz i have been wanting to kajal for ages n today morning i was thinking of checking ur site for that and lo! n behold! there it was the maybelline black crayon


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