New Jewellery In My Collection


New Jewellery In My Collection

Hello beautiful ladies,

Next to makeup accessories are the things that most women have love for. From shoes to bags to gorgeous jewellery, all these are really important to us and we simply cannot have enough of these.

I have many times shown you my jewellery hauls and today I have few new additions to my collection to show you all. Any new jewellery excites me and I start wondering about the kind of dress & look that I would like my jewellery to pair with. In fact most girls do the same.

Now without much of talks let me show you all the new cuties.

Have a look.

Blue Statement Necklace

New Jewellery In My Collection

This statement blue necklace is really beautiful and I simply cannot wait to wear it. It may look a bit heavy but it is not that heavy and can be easily carried. I ordered it from Ali Express and it took really long for this to reach me, the wait actually was like years for me. You become very curious when you order something this beautiful and the package takes long to arrive, same was the case for me.

When this necklace arrived I was really excited but to my sadness the necklace reached me in a broken state. Thankfully the defect was nothing major and even one cannot easily detect the defect. So there was nothing to keep me worried as I still can imagine myself with this beauty. It costs around $4-$5.

Silver Knuckle Rings Set

Silver Knuckle Rings

Knuckle rings are in trend these days and I too wanted to give these a try. These are nice, light weight and not very bold. I like the fact that these are adjustable and can be adjusted according to fingers sizes. Also I do not exactly remember the price of these, but yes these came at dirt cheap prices. I ordered these too from Ali Express and they reached me in around a month. I am really happy with this purchase of mine.

Statement Ring

new statement ring

Well, I really like the rusted statement rings which are huge. This one is a very pretty round earring with a flower in the center. This ring looks more rustic and antique! I adore such pieces of jewellery! 🙂

Silver Danglers

Silver Danglers

These earrings were a gift to me from my friend. These are a bit heavy but these look really gorgeous and I am looking forward to doing a look with these. I am sure these will look stunning with the look that I have in my mind. Wait! I am not going to reveal the look that I am planning; you will have to wait for a while for the look.

These were the gorgeous additions to my jewellery collection. I hope you like these as much as I do. Also share with me about with what looks you would have paired these beautiful pieces, I like new ideas coming my way.

What all have you added in your collection?

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