New Lakmé’s Fruit Moisture Range


Say Hello to youthful gorgeous skin with Lakmé’s Fruit Moisture Range 

Bask in the glory of youthful, soft and radiant skin this winter


Indulge in Lakmé’s new winter care range comprising of moisturizers, day crème, night crème and lotions oozing with the goodness of exotic fruits. Loaded with Nutritiv Moisture Technology, the new Lakmé Fruit Moisture Range gives you twelve hour moisturisation for younger looking skin even in winters. With the breakthrough Nutritiv Moisture Technology comprising of a blend of Hydrating agents, Essential Vitamins, AHA’s & Anti-oxidants, Lakmé’s Fruit moisture range gives your skin a 200% moisture boost. Within the range, Lakmé Peach and Plum Daily Glow Lotion and Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser are perfect for yearlong skin moisturisation ,while Lakmé Honey & Avocado Winter Care Lotion, Lakmé Honey & Avocado Winter Perfect Day Crème andLakmé Skin Renewal Night Crème  are infused with  winter care emollient making them a perfect pick for the cold weather.

Lakme Fruit Moisture Range - Pack Shot

Lakmé Peach and Plum Daily Glow Lotion

Enhance your skin’s natural radiance with this 12 hour intense moisturiser. A youth-preserving formula of peaches, plums soaks into the deepest layers of your skin to give youradiant glowing youthful skin.  Use this lotion all year round for that radiant glow.

Available in 60ml for Rs. 79, 120ml for Rs. 139 and 200 ml for Rs. 219.You can buy it from here

Lakme Fruit Moisture Range

Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser

Indulge in the goodness of peach with the Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser. Enriched with Nutritiv Moisture Technology, this peach infused lotion goes into each derma layer of the skin to give you intensely nourished and visibly young looking skin. Use the Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser round the year and experience soft and beautiful skin like never before.

Available in 60ml for Rs. 79, 120ml for Rs. 139 and 200 ml for Rs. 219

Lakmé Honey & Avocado Winter Care Lotion

Lakmé Honey & Avocado Winter Care Lotion with Nutritiv Moisture Technology is a blend of nice Hydrating Agents, two Essential Vitamins, one Anti-oxidant and one AHA.This luscious blend of honey & avocado deeply infuses moisture in your skin to give you deeply moisturized youthful skin. The goodness of soothing emollient in the lotion keeps your skin supple in the chill of winter.

Available in 60ml for Rs. 79, 120ml for Rs. 139 and 200 ml for Rs. 219

We have already reviewed  Lakme daily glow lotion peach and plum from this range here


  1. M so lukin forward t using this…btw A, do u think this is the same moisturisers they had released last winter only packaged differently this time?


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