New Lakme Lip Love Tinted Sticks (Shades Black Currant, Raspberry & Tangerine) Swatch


New Lakme Lip Love Tinted Sticks

Like our previous few posts about Lakme products, today I am going to share a swatch and review of the Lakme Lip Love Tinted sticks. I received three colors from them which are quite good Black Currant, Raspberry and Tangerine.

lakme lip love tinted sticks rasberry

My initial response after seeing the packaging was happy. These are actually packaged very nicely. The plastic cap on the package is though a little turn-down. It is very tight to open and it really takes an effort so a minus to the packaging on this ground. The name of the shade is mentioned below the stick though the same color of the stick on the body also helps to identify the color easily.

Price: INR 200 for 3.8gm

lakme lip love tinted sticks black current

My Thoughts About New Lakme Lip Love Tinted Sticks

On applying, you feel a mild fragrance of the respective fruit filling your nose with pleasantry but it is only for a short-term as it leaves you soon. The lip balm is quite pigmented and the color shows up on your lips in two swipes. The texture of the lip balm is quite buttery and soft. There is not much struggle in applying it and it is almost effortless. This I would say is quite a characteristic of Lakme products.

Almost all products, at least the ones I have tried, are quite good in texture. The lip balm also is SPF 15 which means your lips are sun protected if you apply it. This means it is equally conducive to be applied underneath the lipsticks for proper sun protection. Plus the buttery texture could help keeping them soft as well.

lakme lip love tinted stick tangerine


All the three shades are different in their own respect, which is a good thing too. They are proper suited to office wear or daytime party. Since these are new colors added to the tally of previous 4 colors, I am sure there is more to these colors. I will only be able to tell you more once I use them during the coming days.

lakme lip love tinted sticks price

The swatches clearly show the pigmentation and buttery softness of the balms. I am yet to see their stay and comfort for longer hours. As of now the quantity and packaging does impress me. One thing that I still find missing is the ingredients list on the packaging. This is not something expected out of a brand like Lakme because we got to know what we are applying is safe and what is it made up of.

The ingredients do matter, don’t they? I am sure this lip balm is priced higher than other similar products available in the market. Packaging and swatch are able to justify that to an extent but a detailed review will only be able to dwell more on the quality and the price to be married correctly.

lakme lip love tinted stick hand swatch

Meanwhile, if someone of you has already tried it or is using it, please share your reviews. It would be helpful to retest it after someone’s experience. I am sure you would agree there is nothing better than a tested product to be used on lips at least.

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