New Launches by No Marks


Remember no marks which has just few beauty products in skin care.Well !!! they too have jump into the bandwagon and have introduced few more skin care products .

This is the new improved version of No marks  cream which is suited for dry skin prone to blemishes and wrinkles.Can be used by those who are above 25 years.

No makers face wash gel – This one is a face wash gel which has vitamin A, C, & E milli capsules

No marks face pack – A normal pack to keep the skin hydrated

No marks soap – Nourishing soap with aloevera

No marks herbal scrub soap -Scrub with goodness of almonds

No marks acne pimple cream – For pimpled and pimple prone skin

I got acne pimple cream for myself .Did you like anything in No marks?


  1. when i was in my early teens i had huge problem of pimples and acne + left over black marks. That time no marks was newly launched, i used its soap and no marks cream but sad i didn't get rid of my marks!!!
    Hope they have improved anyways, plz let me know if any of u hv got +ve results frm it..

  2. HI ALL…
    I had teenage pimples and now i have whiteheads though it is mid..coz of that i have open pores only in the cheek areas near my nose…will anything help?
    please suggest coz it looksdamn apparent with make up too and it woser with a bronzer :((

  3. For blackheads, please scrub regularly….and use a toner afterwards to close the pores….CTM has to be the mantra (twice a day) good luck.


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