New Makeup Apps You Must Checkout


New Makeup Apps You Must Checkout

Internet and mobile technology has witnessed the fastest rate of innovation and has always come up with the latest features. Everything has become techno-savvy so that the present generation is able to enjoy the features of the latest technological advancements.

Well, speaking about makeup, there have been recent trends which have created so much hype and buzz over the internet. Such that the software companies started thinking of launching some useful apps which are purely beneficial for the makeup lovers itself. These makeup apps, in a way, serve as personal stylist for individuals. Also they suggest the best makeup items or shades which will suit the user to the core. Since not everyone can afford a personal stylist, these makeup apps come very handy in deciding about the right makeup!

Well, I myself have installed some of these apps while others I heard from others so listing out the best five new launched apps to checkout on your mobile!

You-Cam Makeup-Makeover Studio

you cam makeover app

You-Cam Makeup is the smart cosmetic kit in your purse, ready with lipstick, eye makeup, blush and more for your digital makeover! Designed for the modern woman, it lets you create makeup looks and hairstyles to match your lifestyle on your own or with makeup, tips and tutorials, making it the mobile fashion guide!

Lakme Makeup Pro

lakme pro makeup app

I have this app installed in my phone as I was listening a lot of good things about it over the internet. A real time makeover app where the camera becomes your mirror. With this one can try different looks, eye shadows, lipsticks, and also check how each lakme product looks on you!


makeup modiface app

The most advanced mobile virtual makeover application is the Makeup Modiface. It takes virtual makeover to a new level. You can try hundreds of cosmetics colors and shades in a less time span.


beautylish app

Another popular makeup app with android users is Beautylish which enables thousands of makeup reviews, hairstyles, nail designs, braids, beauty tips and makeup tutorials & videos to get inspired.


pinterest app

Well, Pinterest continues to be one of the best apps when it comes to suggest makeup ideas, daily makeup tricks, hairstyle ideas, beauty trends and latest makeup trends. The bookmarking toll helps the users to discover ideas, create their own ideas and save them at a place for all future references!

I hope these makeup apps appeal to you. Install a few apps freely to discover more info and in-depth knowledge about the Makeup world.

Have you tried any of these Makeup Apps?

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