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Yesterday my Mom called up and asked me what am I doing. I replied “I am eating K’s brain as its Friday“. K sitting in front of me then started laughing saying that he still has one day left . Oops! I started to get into my weekend mode a day ahead only. So I had clicked these pictures yesterday for a friday post and doing it now .

I have made some life long friends (touchwood) through Wise She and it’s lots of fun being makeup friends. We keep gifting each other something and getting surprises is so much fun .

Shweta  gifted me MAC 6 Editiorial Orange pro palette .It’s such an awesome thing.You get to enjoy six shades of MAC in one palette @ INR 2300.

Name of the shades are as follows.

  • Bronze Shimmer Golden bronze with shimmer (frost)
  • Look At Her metallic copper (sheen supreme)
  • So Chaud intense reddish-orange (matte)
  • Morange loudmouth orange (amplified creme)
  • Cross Wires clean pinky orange (cremesheen)
  • Sandy B light shell pink (frost)


I am going to try the golden bronze shades with some combination looks.



MAC 6 Editorial oranges pro lip palette


Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy –

One of my cousins got me this product. This is meant for sensitive skin as it’s all natural.It  uses Sulfur instead of harsh acids to treat and prevent breakout and doesn’t irritate the skin.I have been wanting to try this out but thing is my skin doesn’t need it .I don’t have blemish problem and break out once in a blue moon.I think I will send this to Shweta to try it out .She is breaking out nowadays.It will be the safest product for her to try.



Bare minerals blemish therapy


I love makeup brushes but I would have definitely not got them thinking I already have many. But with  in my heart I definitely wanted  to try out Real Technique makeup brushes.Zee sent me these beauties and every day she asks me if  I tried them .Thing is they are so beautiful (my first coloured brushes) that I don’t feel like trying them out.


Bare minerals blemish therapy


Ikonic ..They seriously are very creamy ..although little extra creamy for Delhi weather but you sent them ..Its sent by Shweta and that spike necklace too is our anniversary gift by Zee..She said its been two years since we met.



Bare minerals blemish therapy


Isn’t it fab meeting like minded people :).Do let me know if you have any makeup pal. Also, even if you don’t have makeup pals then don’t you be sad..Just keep gifting yourself new stuff..It’s so much fun 🙂


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  1. Awww ana thts so cute! I had decided way earlier tht this is wht im giving u for ur bday! Am glad u liked it! Tht necklace is stunning! Time to msg zee n ask her where she gt it

  2. That’s so nice ana to have makeup pals:):)

    I don’t have any makeup pals as such but my chachi keeps gifting me makeup , she is the only one whose figured out how much I like it :p :p and with whom I can discuss it for hours hehe!

  3. Ana , its beautifully written 🙂 . I read it a lot of times ! Its so wonderful to be able to bring a smile on someone’s face !
    Ana, Zee, Shweta – May your friendship keep blooming , Amen 🙂

  4. Wow! such a heart touching post, Ana, Shweta n Zara, so sweet of u all and may god bless ur friendship always.
    I dont have such friends though but ya I keep gifting make up stuff to my both younger sister
    Ana, u r a sweetheart , lots of love to u n to wiseshe

    • IAaaargh , m so jealous…big time …huh huh ! U know wat Ana, i called up all the self proclaimed Kryolan Bangalore distributors on JustDial for iconic but no success 🙁


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