New Rhinestone Statement Necklace


New Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Hello Wise She Beauties,

Women love bling and jewellery to an extent that even if they possess a whole treasure of statement neck pieces, rings or earrings, they cannot resist a statement piece of ornament. This applies to all women universally. The sight of jewellery is something too ecstatic for them!

Speaking about myself, I am surely going to include myself as one of those jewellery loving species who cannot resist checking out the jewellery counters and then eventually buying the most favorite pieces to pamper myself.

Recently, I got this heavy statement necklace from Aliexpress website. When I saw this piece I was completely bowled over by the intricate detailing in this necklace. Somewhere in my mind I was busy picturing myself with this necklace and assuming the possible combination of outfits to pair with such a captivating piece of jewellery.

statement necklace design

Well, there was no dilemma and I instantly bought this gorgeous necklace. Now I am looking forward to pair it up with some fusion look and Indo-western outfit!

I am a sucker for statement neck pieces and simply can’t resist checking them out whenever I get a chance to sneak around in a mall or on my vacations! πŸ˜‰

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Statement Necklace

This is basically a bling vintage necklace made of zinc alloy. It also has rhinestone pendants which add to the bling and beauty of this neck piece. The statement necklace is a little heavy around 250-300 grams and not everyone’s cup of tea.

new vintage necklace

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer jewellery pieces this heavy, then you may not find it apt for you because it is really heavy!

Well, not everyone can carry this stunning neck piece but those who can carry, will surely make a statement and have an impact on the onlookers with the exquisite design.

The rhinestones look very stylish and not like some cheap bling stones. This necklace is very delicate in design and so it should be handled with care. The zinc alloy material makes it resistant to sweat or fragrance/ deodorants etc. and so the piece always looks new!

There is something quite attractive about this statement neck piece which makes it look quite unique. I think I don’t have any similar design of necklace.

rhinestone necklace

Well, this is the recent addition to my jewellery collection and  am really loving this piece to the core! Currently am thinking of ways to style this necklace with my outfits! Stay tuned for the upcoming looks! πŸ™‚

What do you think about this Rhinestone Statement Neck Piece?

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  1. Denim shirt is what i think everyone will do..How about pairing it up with white cut sleeves shirt and denim dangr’s πŸ™‚


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