New Sigma Eye Shadow Sample Shades & Swatches


New Sigma Eye Shadow Sample

Hi Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

So I shifted to this new place and I am still working on my light arrangement and amidst all these I also got some amazing stuff from Sigma during their Black Friday Sale. I make sure to make a list of must have Sigma products throughout the year and buy all the stuff during the Black Friday sale when the shipping is absolutely free for a day! :-p

So, that’s me and see I have that patience to wait for a whole year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will show all the makeup stuff I got from the Black Friday Sale once everything gets settled here! But before that I wanted to quickly share with you all this new eye shadow sampler/ sample card from Sigma which has like ten interesting sample of eye shadows!

sigma eyeshadow india

I am keen on trying their eye shadows once and so I thought this eye shadow sample is surely a good idea! So I have also swatched the eye shadows so if anyone of you is interested in getting these from Sigma can have a clue as to how the shade texture and pigmentation actually looks like!

sensational eyeshadow sigma india review

About Sigma Eye Shadows

These are unique and versatile shades including matte, frost, sheen, duo-chrome and shimmer finishes. Paraben-free. Touch-up and test out our latest swatch card to find your perfect match.

Price: $11

sigma combination eyeshadows

Texture: The swatches of these eye shadows came out to be quite convincing and the shades are all pigmented with the least fall out! The shadows have a powder based texture and you can easily work with a very little amount of shadow for an eye look!

sigma eyeshadow moonbeam+midori+triomphe


I got 10 shades in the sampler card and I am going to list out the shade names below-

Moonbeam-It is a very light lavender shade with a chalky texture and is not shimmer based!

Midori– It is a unique very light mint shade with a powder based texture!

Triomphe– It is a dirty light brown shade with high shimmer content. The shimmers are highly milled so it looks different in camera light!

Shout– A vibrant deep warm toned yellow shade and definitely a bold shade!

Approach– Approach is a pure shimmer based natural nude shade and is yet another highlighter shade.

sigma new colour combination

Chase– It is a very light nude-peach hue and is very similar to the skin color. It mainly acts as a highlighter shade!

Topaz– This is more of a light brown natural shade which also acts as an excellent highlighter shade for the eyes!

Chase eyeshadow+topaz+notredame+eyeless+eiffel

Notre Dame– This more of a highlighter shade which has sharp silver shimmers and a light brownish violet hue!

Eylsees– This is more of a deep brown with plum undertones and has an evident shimmer content.

Eiffel– This is mainly a black eye shade with evident shimmers infused in it which are not chunky but give that highlighted look on the eyes!

approach simga eyeshadow+shout eyeshadow

My Initial Thoughts about Sigma Eye shadows

Talking about my initial thoughts, these eye shadows are definitely available in a wide range and one can pick there favorites from the extensive range! The fact that Sigma doesn’t test on animals is yet another great thing about these eye shadows!

There are shimmer based, highlighter, matte, sheer and so many more types of shade which one can get from the brand! There are a lot of highlighter shades as well which suit different skin tones and once can pick according to their complexion!

The pigmentation is good and there is considerably lesser fallout. Those shade with shimmers are also good as the shimmers are finely fused and is not that gritty!

I am planning to get some eye shadows next time from them! What do you think? Any of you who have tried these eye shadows from Sigma before do share your experience!

Have you tried any of these Sigma eye shadows before?

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  1. Very helpful post :yes: My current favorite eyeshadow is from Sigma n it’s one of the most unique shades I own. Its called Crush n tho it looks brownish gold in d pan on d eyes i translates to a duo chrome olive green :heart: Sadly this particular shade has been discontinued ๐Ÿ™


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