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Hello everyone!

What started as a humble blog will become so huge was never dreamt by me.Thanks to my ever supporting family and super awesome , loyal and energetic team.Last year we started our journey of running five blogs which looked really tough to us but slowly we built such a huge network that things started falling into place.So now we are not running on any subdomains as we would like to build each individual blog with its own identity and brand name.

so from now  is is is is

Those who can not remember all the names, I know the list is a little long. But you can use the previous domain name as well and you will be redirected to the new domain 🙂


baby growing up

With time one’s passion and interest do grow up. Its something which is so obvious.All those ladies who were just married and had interest in makeup are moms now atleast most of them are and this is the reason we had to start a baby blog.Similarly where there is makeup there will be fashion and thats the reason we went for the fashion blog.

When I was struggling with my weight problems I met an amazing person Taruna who now is the co-owner of our weight loss blog and doing amazing work there.We recently tied up with a nutritionist and started our weight loss programme also which by the way has already begun and there are only one or two seats left so if any one of you is interested then please join in ASAP.

Who doesn’t enjoy traveling? This thought lead to our travel blog.All this ofcourse can not be managed by one human being .

We have a huge team who is constantly working hard to give you the best while keeping you entertained and letting your money be saved by putting it at the right place.

In the coming days you will see lot many new changes on Wise She which we will keep you updated with .So don’t forget to join our facebook, twitter and instagram page.If you want to be in my personal friends list then add me on personal facebook account here

Along with this we are constantly hiring and looking for talented individuals.If you have passion for makeup, fashion, food, travel, baby products or fitness then just shoot us a mail.We promise we will reply you.Respecting every individual, till the time they don’t get on our head or cheat us has always been our policy.

Also, those of you who mail us with their individual problems I request you to please go through Wise She, you will definitely find answer to your problems here.If you still don’t get it then do let us know we will solve it out.


With one million page views on Wise She and catching up with other blogs, we hope you are liking our journey 🙂

If you have some suggestions for us please free to email us at [email protected] or comment below.

More when we reach another milestone.

I would specially like to thanks Chandni and Maitri for being such great team members and ofcourse insane and passionate about work partner Tarun.Love you guys:-*




Some lovely memories link here:-



  1. Congratulations Anamika n d entire team 🙂 it is not an easy achievement for sure.. Kudos to everybody for making it huge in every domain.. Proud to be associated with such visionary and amazing people 🙂 all d best for every future project n many more to come..

  2. Wow Anamika i am so proud to be a part of Wiseshe!!!! Your efforts are commendable and surely you deserve all the success! Congratulations to you and your team!!!!!

  3. Congratulations on all ur achievements Ana :hug-makeup: It’s so lovely to see this space grow n blossom like this. All the hard work n dedication has paid off n i wish wiseshe n u Ana all the very best :-*

  4. Congratulations anamika 😀 I so so so happy to be a part of this big loving family 🙂 I hope I become an integral part of this blog and make more new friends here. This happy moment is not only yours but OURS 😉 ( the readers, writers and the team). We will rise above all and yes, we are already rising 😀 yayyy!!

  5. Wow!! That’s Awesome Anamika 😀 Managing one blog is not easy and you are juggling between so many. That’s great effort.
    Congratulations and hope your network keeps growing 🙂

  6. Congratulations Team Wise She n Anamika…. Keep up the good work… keep writing.. keep reviewing the makeup products… fitness regimes… beauty sutras to help women like me… 🙂
    Love u guys.. All the best… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. @Harsha – Thanks Harsha 🙂

    @Tarun – u r mad

    @Charu – will try our best 🙂

    @Pragnya – thanks

    @Sumanthi..thanks for the kind words

    @Shivangi– ofcourse everybody writer who worked whole heartedly here 🙂

  8. Drumrolls Please…! Congrats really have made Wiseshe one of the biggest names in the blogging world and am so so happy that I am a part of this warm family with awesome writers & the team members Chandni & Maitri..!
    Godd I loveeee this place.! Keep growing like this.! 🙂 :-*

  9. congratulations… !!! :).
    You named me in the post!!! Thanks so much.
    The major portion of the credit goes to you for putting everything together and stream lined. 🙂

  10. That’s a real great news.. Heartfelt congratulations to all you guys.. Ana, Taru, Chandni, Maitri and the whole writers’ and readers’ team… M really happy and hope to be a part of wiseshe forever.. 🙂 🙂

  11. congratulations anamika…that’s great news…I’m glad to have been following this blog for more than two years now…even the sister blogs have helped me with many of my queries 🙂

  12. congratulations to anamika and her team!! i truly believe in the power of team work and with anamika as the leader of the team, one is sure to come out with flying colors 🙂 congrats again! 🙂

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