New Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range Coming Up Review


New Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range

Hello all readers,

I hope you had a great weekend and are fresh to start with the new week! Here I have something interesting to share with you all and it is a new range that will be following up on the blog in the coming days! Hope you checked out that there is another interesting new range of Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti-Ageing products.

New Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range

Well, let me tell more about the range of products from Vichy!

About New Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range

Expert hydration for dehydrated, sensitive skin. To boost the distribution of water inside the skin and hold it in the 7 parts of the face with long-lasting results.

I got four products from the range which are for the skincare needs to keep the skin hydrated for the drying winter season!

Packaging: The products in this range have the typical blue and white color combination and each product comes in a different packaging. Like the lip balm is a retractable one while the night spa cream comes in a flat tub with a screw open cap!

Aqualia Thermal Soothing & Repairing Balm

Price: INR 500 for 3ml

New Vichy Aqualia Thermal lip balm

Contains a synergy of four carefully selected repairing ingredients to protect, dehydrate and repair chapped lips.

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum

Price: INR 1800 for 30ml

New Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum

Fortifying & Soothing 24-hour Hydrating Care for normal to combination skin. For women with sensitive, dehydrated normal to combination skin looking for long-lasting effective and sensorial hydration.

Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On Anti-Bag Fortifying Hydrogel

Price: INR 950 for 15ml

New Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range hydrogel

Fortifying hydrogel for under-eye bags and dark circles. For all women with dark circles around the eyes, dehydrated eyes, and dehydration lines.

Aqualia Thermal Night Spa

Price: INR 1690 for 75ml

New Vichy Aqualia Thermal night spa

Experience the benefits to those offered by a spa in one night. The 15 mineral rich Thermal Spa Water used at Vichy is associated with Hyaluronic acid, to infuse skin with moisture and minerals during the night, when it is most prone to get replenished.

My Thoughts about New Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range

Honestly speaking this range of products has been sent by the brand to me and I am really looking forward to try this amazing range and also give my skin the required hydration essential to cope up with the coming extra-drying winter season!

Each of these products are well suited to the needs of the skin and will solve the major skincare dryness issues one can possibly face only during the harsh and drying winter season!

I will soon be reviewing these products so it is needless to say to stay tuned and watch over the upcoming reviews of each of these products!

Have you tried New Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range before?

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