New Year Resolution 2013


So at last Mayan prediction of world coming to an end was proved wrong and we all are pretty much alive and thankfully again wishing each other a very happy new year. It’s time to be grateful for all the good things and to learn from life all the odds which we face. Well, like every year this year too it’s time to set your goals and make some resolutions.

  • Make Simple Resolutions – 1st resolution is to make simple resolution and blog them out or write them somewhere where your eyes fall on them repeatedly. Making simple resolutions such as reading at least one book a month or committing to weekly challenge is quite a good idea. My simple resolution is sticking to my goal of losing weight and getting back to my pre pregnancy shape. As I am following it diligently, I won’t have to make many changes in it.

  • Think Big – Life is small.Just think big and you never know God up there is listening to you right at this moment.I have something big planned for this year and I hopefully will share the news with you guys  in the middle of  the year and Please don’t think Iwill be thinking of a second child. Until and unless everyone on Wise She has atleast one child, I won’t think of second ..lolz

  • Don’t forget to wear your invisible crown ever!! It’s just like Harry Potter’s invisible cloak – it works all the time 😉
  • always wear your invisible crown


 dont let

 You know you rock 😉


What are your new year resolution  2013 ?

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  1. Awww superb resolutions… 😀
    My resolutions are ” I want to spend some more time on cooking” :-))
    Whatever others critisize me I will be what I am 😉
    Improving my blog and my writing :yes:
    Making more friends :hug-makeup: …………………………….
    Wishing you all a very happy new year :party: :party: :party: :cake: :cake: :cake: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. Thank you Ana… :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
    Because I am cooking only normal dishes and my hubby wants me to cook some special recipes which I was cooking when I am newly married 😛 😛 :silly: hehehe…
    Planning to cook more sweets and some spicy recipes this year :eat: :eat: :eat:

  3. :yippee: :yippee: Happy New Year folks!! :yippee: :yippee:

    My resolutions (will list the new ones)
    a. Visit 10 new places – finished one already! Yay!!
    b. Blog more often
    c. Kick start my new venture (definitely needs a kick)

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE 😀 :drunk: :cake: :rose:
    I like tat ” wear ur invisible crown” :tap-dance: My resolutions:
    1.Lose wgt and wear skinny jeans 😛
    2.Wear Bright lipsticks outside home :lipstick:
    3. Get a red lipstick
    4.Blog more
    5.Be more confident 🙂

  5. Happiiiieee New Year to all u dearies….:) Wearin invisible crown was just so awesome….:) I am sure this will give that sudden boost or kick strt to everyone when ever required..I Will try n follow this only..:D 😀

  6. i have a very simple resolution. To be strong and gutsy enough to take things as they come and not be unecessarily worried about the unknown 🙂

    Happy New Year Everyone!!

  7. Hi Anamika & Zara,

    Wish u guys a Happy New Year! I am also a mostly silent reader of the blog. My resolution is to learn to wear makeup and start wearing some. All your basic tutorials are really helpful for this


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