Newspaper Nail Art Trial – Thanks Tanveer


Hello beauties,

I wanted to share my News Paper Nail Art that I  did after reading about it from Tanveer’s blog…although it doesn’t look as neat as the model there did, nevertheless  I tried guys!!!!!

How To do Newspaper Nail Art

You will need following things:-

  • A grey nail paint
  • Small Piece of newspaper
  • A grey or white nail paint.(I have used pink :P)
  • Rubbing Alochol (Easily availble in a chemist shop)

Newspaper Nail art tutorial


  • Step1 :-Apply a base coat and then paint grey colour nail polish on it
  • Step2 :-Take out rubbing alochol in a small cap and dip each nail for 4-5 seconds.
  • Step3 – Now cut a newspaper piece and press it on to your nails
  • Step4 – Peel off the newspaper and you will notice the newspaper print on your nails.
  • Step5 -Clean your nails again and apply base coat over it.

Thanks Tanveer for sharing such an easy-peesy nail art technique….if i can do it, any one can. Oh! By the way  I didn’t find a light grey colour nail paint  so I used a light pink colour for the newspaper background!!


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  1. nice try…but u need to take rubbing alchohol in a small cup actually..and dip ur nails in it for a sec to get best results..nd also the paper bit should be soaked in the rubbing alcohol for 4-5 secs..the press it onto nails..apply pressure too..else the print wont be good…i got exactly like the they did in the video..perfect ones..

    • Eesha no expert me …tthis is the EASIEST nail art i have come across….and i will try dipping the paper also this time like Geethu suggested…maybe it will comeout dark then 😀

  2. Hey Mitra & Anks! Thanks a lot for the shoutout! 😀

    It has come out pretty well on your nails na :yes: .. I have been wanting to do this myself, but I don’t have any pale colors (all i can find are dark shades).. I seem to have misplaced all the light ones. 😮

    I think I’ll def try this out this weekend.. :evilgrin:

    • Thanks sooooo much Tanveer….else i would have never known something like this existed…thanks for taking the effort for sharing such a wonderful idea.. :-*

    • Thanku Anks 😀 and believe me its not big effort…but ya the art looks better in person than in pics…looks very light in these pics..


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