Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial Step By Step


Newspaper nail art is one of the easy nail arts which do not require much of an effort. I did five nails in about 10 minutes and it looks so different and unique:)

Newspaper nail art tutorial

Following are the products which one needs for doing newspaper nail art

1.Top coat

2.A light nail paint (I have tried it in light pink, white and grey nail polish . It works the best on white as words of the newspaper are more clear )

3.One piece of newspaper which is cut into 10 small pieces.

Nail art products required fro newspaper nail art

Rubbing Alcohol (Hydrogen Peroxide solution)- When I asked the local store chemist if he has rubbing alcohol as expected he refused so I asked him to give me  alcohol spirit which is applied on wounds and then he got to know what exactly I was looking for.

This product is of  Alpha pharma industry and is quite safe. How I know about the safety?? Well! while opening its  inside cap I almost landed up gulping 2-3 drops and I didn’t die 😀 😀 or may be I am a hard nut to crack 😛

Rubbing alcochol in India

Now apply two coats of nail polish of your choice.I am using  womsee colour of joy silver wave nail paint here.When I applied nail paint on all my nails the nail polish dried fast and I was not able to get the newspaper impression easily therefore I suggest you to do  two nails at a time .Trick is that the nail polish should neither be too dry nor too wet on your nails to get the impression easily.


Silver nail paint womsee nail paint

Now dip your nails for 6-7 seconds in rubbing alcohol.

How to do newspaper nail art

Press a small piece of newspaper on your nails and press it for 15 seconds.While pressing I applied some alcohol on the newspaper also.


Newspaper nail art tutorial


Ta da!! I am done 🙂 Do not forget to seal the nail art with a top coat again.

Newspaper nail art tutorial

You might not get it for first time but with some practice it is easy to get this nail art.


Newspaper nail art without rubbing alochol

I tried using this with oil but it didn’t work then I used vodka and it did work . Hic!! 😀

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  1. Wow Anamika looks so amazing :yes: :yes: …i so want to try this …. i gonna buy this rubbing alcohol the moment i land 😛

  2. Oh my bottle of rubbing alcohol reads ‘Surgical Spirit’ !!

    :yes: :yes:

    And i want those cute nail paint bottles you have..

    • :duh: u should have told me i would have got so many for u from my local store in Delhi..they cost some Rs 45 but yes they smell bad until they dry

  3. wow anu its so good!!
    loved ur nails and fingers and also the nail art
    but i dont grow nails so cant do nail art he he

    • thanks a lot nails breaks down quite often because of frequent maids absent ism..thankfully they r not taking many offs 😛

      • good my previous maid was like that!!
        so what I do is I cut her payment on the days when she takes leave
        and pay money for those days which she works!!!
        thankfully my new maid is a real gem !!!

    • Hmm Mithra the thing here …here we won’t get everything in chemist shop ….and without prescription they don’t give such thing …my list of buying things in India is ever growing ..thanks for wiseshe 🙂

  4. Anu i just redid this yesterday night and it was much better than the last time..i mean he print was neater cleaner and more coherent…

  5. I am planning to make small flowery designs and put those up on nails..lets see how it turns out..will send you incase i find it good enough

  6. super cool! I wana try this for sure..i thought it wud b too complicated but seems quite simple thanks to the detailed pics… Me like!!! 🙂

    • actually its not very dry and not very wet..When i touch the nail polish with my finger impression is not formed .its when i dip it into alochol it get little wet.well i make some sense 😐

  7. Hey Anamika, this one looks neat. I am gonna have to try..but does the nail polish go come off when you put it in alcohol as in become paler/lighter?

  8. Hi Ana,

    Very beautiful nail art and ofcourse beautiful nails also, I have hydrogen peroxide with me which i bought 2months back for pedicure purpose, No % is mentioned on it, can i use it for nail art

  9. nice art & design, anu i am going to buy Two Color In 1 EyeShadow Pencil which colur i should chosse.. as i am not much involved in make – up so dear plz help me which colors are i must have

  10. goodoone. i think it would be a goood idea to take a piece from an adv. or somethin with coloured writings, and then do it, would it look nice then too? i dont use nailpolish but i like to see nail art 🙂

  11. ya thats wat wen I ask dem rubbing alcohol..dey like look towards me as if …god knows what she is talking bout..kinda look 😐
    would ask hydrogen peroxide next tym…thanks :-))

  12. hi anu..i was on vaction wit frnds for my bday :dance: …we went to black sea had lots of fun…missed i shud jaldi jaldi read all th emissed posts 😎

  13. Simply awesome, i like how the silver grey color turned out, its too pretty,
    thanks Anamika. I will try it too. But i DEMAND (just kidding 😉 😉 ) you to do it with RED nail color, i want to see how red and black looks like. :evilgrin:


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