Nexcare Acne Patch Review


By Mitra

Nexcare Acne Patch

Hello Ladies,

I’m writing after a veyyyyyry loooooong time. My topic of interest is Acne and Pigmentation when it comes to skin care. Simple, cause I am a victim of these two adversaries. Let me first brief you about my skin(condition). Its combination type, acne prone, hyperpigmentation prone (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation-PIHP). Phew!! Anyone there to compete with me. I pray not!

As long as I was having birth control pills post marriage, the acne was under control and so was the PIHP. But it gave way to a new kind of pigmentation– Melasma. But now that I have stopped the pills guess who is back with a bang, ACNE !!


acne patch nexcare

Yes that’s how tragic my life has been. Sigh !

No I’m not here to just rant about my skin-woes. I found something that has helped me with my acne that i thought should share with you all lovelies might help a few out there(I know not everyone has super confused skin like mine).

It’s the Nexcare 3M Acne Patch!!! Drum rolls please.

It’s basically hydrocolloid patches. What is that now ???

Hydrocolloid patches adhere to the skin there by absorbing pus and providing a breathable layer that stops bacteria from festering while speeding up wound healing. These patches work on most kind of acne. I find these particularly effective on pimples that have pus head and about to burst. This flattens the pimple in just one night! You heard it right. JUST ONE NIGHT IS ENOUGH TO FLATTEN THE UGLY PIMPLE. Well almost. No kidding here. Try it and you will know what I’m talking about. I dont know if it would work on deep rooted cystic acne though, cause I dont get those kinds.

They come in different brands, I got Nexcare one which was available on

Price:85 Rs for a pack of 7 assorted patches.

Packaging : I got the one with 7 assorted patches, meaning it has patches of different shapes and sizes. The patches are hygienically stored in clear-film, you can see in the below image (Not sure if you can see the empty star and heart shaped patch spots which I have already used up. The remaining 2 huge ones are left from the pact of 7). You get non-assorted ones too which have round patches of different sizes.


nexcare acne patch

nexcare patch


For usage method and some quick good to know info on how these acne patches can help you will be explained via pictures 😀 (Yes I am lazy)

How I use it ?

I use it overnight on clean dry face and in the morning the patch turns cloudy (not really white as mentioned) and then I discard it. It says you can wear makeup and go out but I fathom it will be difficult to hide it even if it is skin colored, might look like you have a piece of plastic stuck on your face. The bold ones out there might give it a try! You just put the sticky end of the patch to the red-angry/ pus-filled/ already burst – acne and press down the edges and leave it. In the morning peel it off gently. It’s like using a Band-Aid to be precise.


nexcare acne patch

How it fared on me ?

Well this is THE BEST ACNE SOLUTION I found. Trust me I have tried every possible medication that says clears zits overnight and none of them I repeat none of them helped me overnight. But this one flattened out my zit to a very large extent. But you might find it difficult to use if you have acne spread over a large area on face since the patches would not be enough able to cover that many and it might cause you discomfort in the sense that you will have to wear these patches to bed. And it does not flare of the next day. You can use a second and a third in-case it does not vanish in just one day. For me it takes 2 night for the zit to completely flatten out.

Now to sum it up,

What I like about Nexcare Acne Patches:

  • Hygienic and waterproof acne treatment
  • Easy to use
  • Available online( I even saw these at GVK-One Hyd, in Medicines & More store.)
  • Patches comes in different sizes
  • IT WORKS 🙂 and now I am a happy woman

What I don’t like about Nexcare Acne Patches:

  • Not helpful with a crop of acne (clustered in one place) due to the size of the patches
  • Cannot be hidden with makeup IMO
  • Cost might turn out to be expensive if you compare the number of uses Vs the number of patches. (85 Rs for just 7 uses). But for me its fine as long as it works

Do try these babies and let me know how it worked for you. For me it’s a boon 🙂

Have you tried Nexcare Acne Patches ?

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    • I’m not really sure cause for it did not come back at the same spot. But you can give it a shot and see how it helps.

  1. Hey dis sounds interesting Mitra.. Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂 Will definitely keep in mind if I ever have acne again..


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