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Hi Girls!..This is a quick review about Nibharra aloe vera foot cream..I am sure when we hear the name of Aloe vera we would quickly jump into buying the product :) ..Yes I know…Nibharra!!..many of you may not be aware of such a brand…I too was not until I I was bitten by some strange insect on the train while travelling to my home town during this Diwali .My God!  I swear it was so itchy and I had tiny bumps all over my hand.. hmmm..finally on the way home from the railway station I had to buy my an ointment from a local drugstore. The ointment was meant to be for insect bite…I used this about 2 days but my itch would never stop. Taking pity, my sweet sis in law offered me to use this foot cream on the rash..I was totally reluctant as it said FOOT CREAM!  🙂

But she managed to convince me that it worked wonderfully for her 6 yr old son when he had been bitten by a bug..I decided to give it a try…and wow I was surprised with the results..

This is what it looks like……

 Nibharra-foor-cream-reviews+cream for itchy skin

I found the packaging is very similar to the nature’s essence lacto tan clear.but again tub..oh no..

  • The ingredients list..i was super happy to see such good natual ingredients in a single produt…it included extract from aloe vera,neem,tulasi.turmeric,wheat germ oil,jojoba wow wow..


  • Removes cracked feet, dryness, itchiness and also good for psoriasis
  •  Best for minor cuts, burns and injuries

Direction For Use The Foot Cream 

Wash feet with Luke warm water and pat dry. Massage with required quantity of cream over the affected area twice daily..once in the morning after bath and repeat at bedtime



 The texture is super smooth and creamy and spreads easily. ..and Also smells good!

Price: –Rs 50/-..yes yes..its true..

 VERA-FOOT-CREAM-REVIEWs+Nibharra foot cream

  •  Best before : 36 months from date of Mfg


It worked like magic on my severe itchy insect bite.I used it only 3 times..and dint have to worry about the bite any more..yes!! almost stopped itching right from the first usage..on the first day I apllied only once..again the following morning there was very mild itching but the redness and the bumps had reduced about 70% now.I applied it again that morning and night ..and viola!..the 3rd day my skin lokked normal as though I never had a problem!

Impressed with the product I tried using it on my foot(I have a super dry skin)..but don’t have cracked seemed to moisturize my skin well and left my foot smooth and soft for more than 12 hrs.

What I liked about Nibharra Aloe vera Foot Cream

  •  Great list of ingredients
  • Super pocket friendly
  • Nice soothing fragrance
  • Works like magic on itchy skin/rash
  • Nourishes and moisturizes well
  • foot remains supple for nearly 12hrs
  • absolutely safe for kids as it is all natural

What I did not like about Nibharra Aloe Vera Foot Cream

  • Availability…these creams seems to be available only in down south..I haven’t seen them even In Chennai yet!
  • Tub packaging

On doing a Google search I found they had a website..which had many more products made of natural ingredients.I managed to purchase a pimple cream from the same brand from my home town..and will review it very soon

FINAL VERDICT: I think this is an awesome cream and stays true to its claims..I was happy to get to know the product

  • Rating:4/5 ….I have reduced 1 point for availability
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  1. wow! this is like a miracle balm! itching gone in 3 uses….thats pretty cool ya…

    i also havent seen this anywhere here…its pretty handy to keep at home also….Thanx for the review! 🙂

  2. i guess its new natural baba ramdev products..i was just browsing their site..would like to check out few of the products especially skin care:)

  3. Itchy hands with bumps? OMG! I have been having the same problem and I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. I have to find this now :bangbang: :bangbang:


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