Night Skincare Sins You Should Not Commit!


Night Skincare Sins You Should Not Commit!

Oh yes! Sins! that is what is aptly said here with due respect to our precious skin because this skin is so delicate and requires utmost care! It is not going to be back to normal once it starts getting damaged and I mean seriously! Because as the age advances the skin regeneration and restoration ability tends to diminish so before you think of committing these skincare sins, think twice because it won’t be an easy to bring back the natural skin after the damage is done!

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Skincare particularly is a matter of practice and not our of compulsion but a regime that you have to stick to no matter what. Just as your bath and brush daily, a skincare regime is to be practiced daily. It is then only you can have the beautiful skin of the celebrities you always want to have. Having said that, the celebrities too need to be strict with their overall regime and the glowing skin doesn’t comes such easy for them. They actually spend the time and energy to get it right and take care of everything which results in a glowing skin each day!

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So, let me bring out some of the most common skincare sins. And what should not be committed if you wish to have a healthy and glowing skin everyday!

You don’t let the skin rest-

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It is not important if you are using hundreds of high end skincare products for treating your skin. What is more important is that you let the skin rest and restore itself through its own properties few hours each night. Just the ample amount of rest can bring about so much difference in the way your skin glows. If you are a nocturnal person and worried as to why you don’t have the good skin days in your life, its high time you start sleeping like a donkey! :-p

Sleeping in a dry warm room-

Going by the present climate in most North Indian states, a warm air blower seems to be an absolute bliss for so many of us. Since some nights are so chilly that all you wish to do is to put the blower on for the whole night and go to sleep. Well, let me tell you this is the worst skin sabotaging you are doing. Dry hot air tends to make the skin even stretchy. And due to lack of intensive moisturization, several skin problems start arising!

You don’t cleanse your skin-

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Well, makeup removal is important thing. Also by now it is quite understood that one surely needs to remove the existing traces of makeup from the skin before hitting the bed! Well, what if you didn’t apply any makeup through the day? Still you need to use cleanser? My answer would be yes. Makeup or no makeup, skin cleansing has to come in between your night time skincare routine for sure. Even if there is no makeup, the dirt and grime on the skin will eventually clog skin pores and you won’t have that perfect glowing problem free skin the next morning! So a cleanse is a must each day without a gap!

Skipping a night cream-

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Well, there are some very common notions that as long as you are removing the makeup and cleansing your skin, there is not much skin moisturization you should do daily!! No, this is completely false and you need to use a night cream irrespective the climate, yest the formulation of the night cream might change for different skins!

Like for summers it may be a light gel based creme while for winters it can be an oil based serum or night cream which keeps the skin hydrated all through the night!

So, I guess you all must agree with the above skincare sins! And would stop doing if you are unknowingly practicing any of the above! 🙂

Have you been regular in your night time skincare routine?

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    • glad you liked..we all at some point of time tend to commit one or the other mistake and then when there are sudden breakouts we feel like why me God!!! 😉


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