Nina Ricci Premier Jour Shower Gel Review/First Impressions


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Nina Ricci Premier Jour Shower Gel Review/First Impressions

Hey beautiful people, today I have something interesting to share with you and something that I am loving these days. First of all, I would like to admit that I haven’t heard about Nina Ricci’s perfumes and the other range of products and I am kicking myself for this :-P.

Read on to know why I am saying this 😉


Nina Ricci Premier Jour Shower Gel


Price: Around 35 USD (For the full sized product)

About Nina Ricci Premier Jour Shower Gel:

Premier Jour shower gel is a fresh fragrance for women

Body wash comes in a 6.6-ounce bottle

Musky shower gel features notes of vanilla, mandarin scents

Packaging: The sample I have is a plastic tube with a metal cap. The cap has a twist open mechanism which is just okay, I would have liked it more if it was a nozzle cap or something similar. I have no idea about how the full sized bottle looks like.

My Experience with Nina Ricci Premier Jour Shower Gel:

Honestly, I have never liked perfumed things like soaps and shower gels, etc. I don’t own many perfumes because I am very particular about the fragrance so I thought this is going to be another product that I will find the average. As I said earlier, I knew nothing about Nina Ricci’s range of products so I did a little research on this before writing the review and then I got to know that this shower gel is from Premier Jour range by Ninna Ricci.


Nina Ricci Premier Jour ShowerGel


Coming to the actual content, when I opened this product I didn’t notice any fragrance or scent in it. It looks like a transparent gel and it seems like a runny gel. I took a bit of it on my loofah and started applying it, surprisingly, it was very refreshing and gentle in terms of fragrance. It lathered up well, leaving me with a musky sort of scent which I thoroughly enjoyed. Though the fragrance went unnoticed from my body as soon as I came out of the shower which is good for me. I tried working it up without a loofah and it didn’t lather up at all at that time though the fragrance effect was similar.


ShowerGel Nina Ricci Premier Jour swatch


This shower gel didn’t leave my skin greasy at all and there’s one more thing that I felt joyous about and it is the way it cleansed my skin, I could notice the difference easily. 🙂 Overall, I am very happy with this product!

What I like about Nina Ricci Premier Jour Shower Gel:

  • Musky and refreshing fragrance.
  • Lathers well with a loofah.
  • No greasy feeling.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Little goes a long way.
  • Cleansed my skin effectively.
  • See through packaging.

What I Don’t Like about Nina Ricci Premier Jour Shower Gel:

  • Fragrance didn’t last long (a con for many people)
  • Doesn’t lather up at all without a loofah.

Do I recommend this Product? Yes, it is recommended from my side, not only for the fragrance, but for a cleaner skin as well. 🙂

Rating 4.5/5

Have you tried Nina Ricci Premier Jour Shower Gel?

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