Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Face Wash Review


Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Face Wash


Hello ladies, enjoying Monsoons? You know what this period of the year is my favorite time- grey clouds, cool breeze, frequent drizzling and greenery around. Rainy season is perhaps the most soothing gift to us by kind Mother Nature.

Coming to today’s review which is about Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Face Wash. My Sister in Law who visited us along with Aunt was using it. Looking at my pimple prone and super oily skin, she asked me to try this facewash for a few days and see whether it will make some difference or not? So is this an effective facewash which makes a visible difference in my skin tone or not, read on to know more.


Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Face Wash


Product Description:

Nivea Aqua effect Purifying Wash Gel enriched with Ocean Algae and Hydra IQ:

  • Deeply cleanses pores with purifying peeling scrubs to reduce and prevent impurities.
  • Reduces excess sebum to prevent oily shine with its purifying formula while respecting the skin’s own moisture balance.
  • Vitalizes the skin with Ocean Algae.


Nivea Purifying Face Wash


About Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Facewash:

  • Reduce oiliness, see and feel pure skin.
  • The skin is deeply cleansed and mattified, looking healthy and beautiful.

Application: Apply gently to wet face, neck and décolleté by massaging in small upward circles, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with lukewarm water.



Nivea Aqua Effect faceWash ingredients


Shelf Life: 30 months from

Quantity and Price: RM 6 (INR 108/-app.) for 75 ml.of the product.

Packaging: The gel is housed in semi-transparent tube form with a flip open cap. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.

My take on Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Facewash:

This face wash is in gel form, transparent with very slight bluish tinge and has very tiny bluish beads. The fragrance of the face wash is pleasant and lingers on for some time post washing the face wash. The face wash is in gel form which is a bit runny in consistency.

The gel is easy to work with and can be washed away easily without leaving any oily or soapy residue behind.


Nivea Aqua Effect faceWash


However this gel didn’t lathers much, so somehow I feel that this gel is way too gentle to remove all the impurities and I also don’t get squeaky clean feel post washing this gel off from my face.

This face wash doesn’t irritate my skin but at the same time it is also not helping to control oil/sebum secretion or putting a check on my acne.

After using it for 10 days I find it an average face wash and am not very much impressed with this one.


Nivea Aqua Effect Wash swatch


What I like about Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Facewash:

  • Pleasant smell and appearance.
  • Sturdy and travel friendly packaging.
  • Gentle face wash.

What I don’t like about Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Face wash:

  • Not an effective face wash as it didn’t removes all the impurities or waterproof makeup from skin.
  • Doesn’t lathers much.
  • Status Quo as far as oil secretion or acne break-outs is concerned.

Rating: 2.5/5

Shall I recommend Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Facewash?

Nope. As already mentioned this is just an average face wash on account of its way too gentle nature, so honestly I don’t have any specific reasons to recommend it to you.

Have you tried Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Facewash?

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  1. I agree with Princa.. Somehow the Nivea face washes n scrubs fall short of expectations..
    Nicely reviewed Ruhee 🙂

  2. I wanted to buy nivea face wash from a long time as it looks attractive..but somehow I didn’t buy..thanks for the review I won’t waste my money on it..


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