Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant Review Lemongrass


Post By Meenu,

On my recent trip to Reliance Fresh with my Mom, I laid my hands on Nivea energy fresh deodorant. While my mom was busy picking kitchen stuff I was surfing through their personal care and skin care row. There were two more variants in this range of deodorant. I picked “Lemongrass” because in deo I prefer more citrus, little loud and refreshing frangrance instead of, you know, flower-ish or talc-ish or say too much feminist fragrances.

Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant Review Lemongrass review


About Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant Review:-

48 hr effective anti-perspirant deodorant. With lemongrass for energizing freshness. With avocado-extracts for an optimal caring feeling. Without alcohol, skin tolerance dermatologically proven.

 Price of the Nivea energy fresh deodorant:INR 164/- for 150 mL (currently its 33% extra free i.e. 150+50 mL).You can buy fro here




Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant Review Lemongrass ingredients


 Directions for usage: 



Energy fresh spray

 My Thoughts about Nivea Energy Deodrant

First of all, it has citrus and really freshening smell. The second thing I look to judge a deo is its staying power. Though it claims 48 hrs, we all know its just too much to actually happen. It normally stays for around 5-6 hours but even after coming home from work I can smell it but very very light. It doesn’t make much claims like skin whitening or less sweating type so, I would say it is a very normal deodorant with nice smell and satisfactory staying power.

After a while I noticed that it forms a white powdery deposit on my skin or clothes whereever I spray the deo immediately after applying. Annoyed me, wrote a complaint to Nivea about it. This is what I got in reply:

“Sorry for the inconvenience. We would like to inform you that, the white powdery substance that comes out is due to the technology used in it. It is a talcum based deo. It forms a protective film on the skin which blocks the bad odour from coming out. Kindly follow the below instructions before using the deo:

1) Shake the bottle well everytime you use it.

2) Spray atleast 15 cms away from underarms.

3) Spray only once and leave it.

4) Do not spray on clothes.”

Now I know that white substance is not an unwanted thing. Me happy :dance: :dance: !!

Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant Review Lemongrass review

What I liked about Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant:


  • Fragrance it refreshing, really cooling in summers.
  • Stays on for some 5-6hrs easily. After that I can’t smell it much but still it’s there till the end of day, very light.
  • I was always doubtful on how much distance should I spray it from. But this one clearly says 15 cm, so another plus point for me.
  • The white powdery substance is said to stop bad odor. I don’t know whether it blocks the sweating also coz I spend my day in AC in office.
  • Price is an advantage and on 33% extra free, you get a lot of product.
  • It doesn’t stain clothes IF and only if, sprayed from appropriate distance and on skin instead of clothes :D. Otherwise it does, I have seen white marks on clothes if I spray it on clothes.


What I didn’t like about Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant:


  • It claims to give 48 hr. protection from perspiration which is obviously, so not true.
  • This “let the product dry” thing, it won’t work when you are in hurry.

Will I Repurchase: No. But that is because I will try some other fragrance since I hardly repurchase the same fragrance in deos. But I will suggest trying it at least once.

Wise she Rating: 3.5/5. Except for the white marks its all decent, the price, the packing, staying power and smell…I am satisfied with product. But do keep in mind to follow the instructions.

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  1. Nice customer service I must day..M not too fond of Nivea deo’s tho..maybe ill sniff it in the store sometime 😉 😉

    nice, detailed review Meenu.. :blush:

    • i got scared too with those white deposists… but it helps keep your skin dry…. its good .. nivea also confirmed that the white powder is not harmful to skin :-)) :-))
      The fragrance is wat i liked most.. you can try if you want!!


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