Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm Vs Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm


Shally asks

I tried Nivea fruity is very shiny and after some time it dries my lips and make them chapped..and does nt feel good. will Maybelline Baby lips  be better than that?? i hate drylips…


Nivea fruity shine lip balm Vs Maybelline baby lip balm


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  1. I have the same issue with Nivea. Havent tried maybelline (yet 😀 ) so can’t say. But Avon strawberrry lip balm is awesome :yes:

  2. shally, i can believe you feeling ur lips dry cause Nivea fruity shine balms (all the flavours !! ) have micro glitters which settle in lip lines and make them dry .. if that’s the case i would suggest maybelline baby lips. Even i plan to buy these babies 😛

    • Baby lips packaging is bad than Nivea fruity shine. If you buy maybelline baby lips you will feel as If you have brought a pink tinted fevistick

    • Hey Supriya,
      I also love the lotus lip therapy. It is also fabulous. And during the winters (the dry bad days) my go to balm becomes Boroline. Works like a magic.

    • I too have Nivea fruity shine cherry. I have also tried Maybelline Baby lips Cherry kiss. Nivea is much better than Baby lips.

  3. I have used the fruity shine-cherry from nivea twice.
    just twice!
    at an interval of one week.
    both times it caused severe reaction or chapping and burning sensation after two three hours.
    Second time I used it just to confirm that it was the lippy or some other thing which caused it.
    the reaction was entire the same….thought i use nivea -essential regularly and it suits me fine!

    I got the fruity shine one free with essential this time 🙁

  4. yup the Nivea fruity shine doesn’t works good on chapped lips:( . For daily use biotique whitening lip balm is superb and its tinted as well as yummy 😀 . I am eager to try baby lips.

  5. Today i purchased nivea fruity shine promogranate…. i hav vry dark lips nd dried lips… will it work on my lips or should i buy exchange it nd buy something else!!!!! Pls help……

  6. Hello readers
    Well @Tanni, Baby lips comes in various colors and shades…some are tinted, some are not…I’ve been using nivea fruity shine as well as pearly shine for months..They are a bit problematic as I’ve to reapply it every half an hour…but other than that its good, the tint and the flavour..use nivea if you want a good thing at cheap prices but if your budget is higher, go for baby has a variety of tints and doesn’t make your lips dry so soon..
    Thank You


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