Nivea Go Sleeveless Winners !


Nivea Go Sleeveless Winners !

Thank you ladies for joining the Nivea contest.You guys are definitely prepared for summer this time with your sleevless dresses.



Winners chosen by Nivea are

Rajvinder – Why she thinks NIVEA  whitening sensitive deodrant is perfect for the summer.

1) In this soaring weather of summer where temperature has reached to its peek …and showering end less heat and humidity…each and every luxury equipment we have is dying …the only way to deal and survive this heat this summer is your free clothing attire …and nothing can match this when you have sleeveless on the go..But !!! what if you have black underarm this killing weather where even AC’ are not working …and wearing sleeveless is making you shy…what should b the rescue…Not to worry ladies …here is NIVEA WHITENING SENSITIVE DEODORANT …which is perfect for me and for you too in summer…it is not an ordinary deodorant that like others smell only for few seconds and evaporates like nothing applied,this deodorant is one of it’s kind that contains “Persea gratissima oil(also known as Avocado oil) that contains multivitamin which helps in skin rejuvenation and soothes with moisturizing effect that leads to penetration of skin deeply.factor that makes this product ideal for summer is “Glycyrhiza global root extract( Licorice extract) ” whose nutritive properties regulates oil production ,eliminate bacteria and has skin lightening effect..this herbal essence is making nivea deodorant one of its best and making it perfect for this sweating and humid summer where in one can’t miss the deadline of daily work but at the same time has to look fresh and confident..and when you have nivea deodorant that not only soothes the skin but at the,same time provide slick and silky feel due to its cyclomethicon ingredient ,it’s going to lift one,’s conference to be bold by wearing sleeveless and becoming fashion icon without much ado .these nivea deodorant range are a girl s fantasy which has come true to look good all the time…this deodorant is best for summers as this not only refreshes one but at the same time ingredients which are chosen to create this are beneficial for the be bold .be in style ,without any tension of black underarm or tension of order…be the girl who’s on the go with this product which is available for her rescue all the time.


Kanan – Why she thinks NIVEA  whitening sensitive deodrant is perfect for the summer

I had not been able to wear sleeveless kurtas and blouses during summers because of my heavy arms but this year I was ready with better looking arms for summers so got a few sleeveless dresses ready. My daughter knows, I am allergic to Deos so while I was asleep she sprayed something on my pillow … For the first time it was like entering heavenly gardens in my dreams. The mild fragrance without any hint of alcohol made me wake up and ask her, where this lovely refreshing fragrance came from? Then I was told that it was the new NIVEA Whitening Sensitive Deodorant. Who new summers could be such a pleasurable experience with freedom from sweaty dark armpits. I can’t thank enough my daughter and NIVEA for bringing back in my life the confidence to wear what I want. Thank you NIVEA whitening sensitive deodorant, this was the best birthday gift I could ever receive. #gosleeveless


Rajvinder and Kanan please mail me your email id with in two days .


And those who didn’t win there will be many many more contest coming up :

Keep reading and loving Wise She



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