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Most of us, in fact all of us love to smell good, day and night. And for this we are always in search of fragranced products like soaps, body washes, lotions, talcs, deodorants etc. I am also such a person who is always in search of such products, I always want to smell good, may be its when I am going out or I am ready to sleep at night. So here I come up with a body lotion which leaves the body smell heavenly good .

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About Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion:

Enjoy nourishing care and inspire your senses with the feel good sensation created for normal skin.

Provides long lasting feel good sensation. Suitable for normal skin. Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion moisturizes and cares for your skin, leaving it with a beautiful mild scent of orange flower. This gorgeous silky textured lotion enriched with natural Bamboo Extract and Milk Proteins, provides fast absorbing moisturisation and a feel-good sensation for your skin all day long.

Price: Rs 195/-

Quantity: 250 ml

Shelf Life:30 months.


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My Experience with Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion:

Packaging: It comes in a white bottle with a flip flop cap. It’s very sturdy and safe to carry while travelling.

Texture: The texture is neither very thick nor too runny. The lotion is of a white creamy color.

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Now comes my detailed experience..Firstly I would like to tell that I am in love with this lotion not only because it smells fabulous, but also it doesn’t leave my skin oily and greasy. I have always opted for body lotions which smell good, especially before going to bed I want to smell good.

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When I sniffed Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion in a mall nearby, I fell in love with it and bought it. I would like to describe the smell of it- It’s not at all fruity or  citrus, the smell is very much like most of the lotions have but with a lovely fragrance which lingers in the senses.


The lotion gets absorbed in the skin leaving behind a soft  feeling .The smell remains for about 1-2 hours and as soon as I open the bottle the whole room gets refreshed by the smell, Its quite strong and enticing. And to conclude, my husband loves the smell too, so I use it every night before going to sleep  😉

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What I like about Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion:-


  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Long lasting good smell
  • Doesn’t leaves skin oily
  • Absorbs nicely.

What I don’tlike about Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion:-


  • Could have been a pump bottle as flip top cap makes it a bit messy as visible in the picture.


Rating: 4/5

Will I recommend it? Yes, a must try for those who love good smells.


Have you tried the Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion?

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  1. Now u justify my tag for u .. Wicked woman 😉 .. I have used dis lotion and agree wit all dat u say .. Terrific lotion .. Fab review .. :-):-):-):-D

  2. achha so now I know what to use at night before getting into bed!!! wink ! wink ! 😉 thanks for sharing it with us navneet. Only problem is my husband has sinus and will not even be able to smell smoke if the house is on fire!

    good review !!!


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