Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing Review


Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing

I moved to a cold chilly place recently. My hubby had moved a little ahead of me. When I entered our new abode I saw so many Nivea Face care, Body Care, Lip Care products.

When did my man change so much……………….!!!! πŸ˜‰ The extreme climate will change the dumbest creature on earth.

Nivea is definitely a choice for this winter.


Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing Review+body lotion


About Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing:

Light moisturising care for use on your face or body

NIVEA Lotion for Normal Skin is a light effective lotion that has been specially formulated to help maintain your skin’s natural moisture level. Ideal as a cleanser or moisturiser, skin is left feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.


Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing Review+body lotion


How to use: Noticeably firmer and smoother skin in two weeks: Apply the lotion to your whole body daily gently massage it into your skin.
Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing Ingredients+skin care

My experience with Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing:

This lotion clearly mentions for Normal skin. Winter will change all the normal mode to the mode the climate will demand for. So, there can never be anything normal in a cold chilly place.

My skin is never ever normal, it is always on the dry side. But, I must say here that this lotion fares well on dry skin too. That is nice, right?

Package: The package is different from all the other Nivea skin care products that I have seen so far.  Bright blue bottle with a white screw cap. The bottle has a holed stopper. A slight press is needed for the lotion to come out. The bottle is completely opaque, it does not give any idea of the quantity of the lotion within.


Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing Review Package+skin care brand


Texture: It is real light. Seamlessly spreads across the skin and cools the skin. I use this lotion on my face too. From the time I have seen this bottle; all other body butters have taken a back place in my shelf.

Fragrance: The smell too is light. A perfect blend of soothing fragrances that makes my smelling senses feel great. Not sure how to define the smell. But it is a pleasure to keep sniffing at the open bottle.

Moisturizing Power:  I apply double layer. Once a neat thin layer of the lotion across my face. Wait for a couple of minutes for it to evaporate; and then again another layer of the lotion on my face. I like the shine it gives to my nose bridge and brow bone. Worth admiring. It makes my face look very soft and supple. This serves well as a body lotion too.


Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing Review Hand Swatch +care skin


This lotion is there easily for 4 hours indoors. But for outdoors this is not sufficient. I top my skin with any of my creamiest body butter before going out. I am not sure if this easily available in India.

So, apart from the availability issue, I feel this is one of the finest non-sticky, non-greasy lotion I have found that is suitable for both face and body.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: £3.59.You can buy it from here

What I like about Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing:

  • Light non-greasy texture.
  • Good moisturizing capacity.
  • Easy handling package.
  • Travel friendly bottle.
  • Good smelling.
  • Spreads and soothes the skin very well.
  • Gives a glowing look and feel to the face.

What I donÒ€ℒt like about Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing:

  • Availabilty in India.
  • Not very fit for outdoor use during extreme cold climate.

Have you tried Nivea Lotion Light Moisturizing & Cleansing?


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  1. Great pictures as well as review Chandni !
    I liked the bottle very very much, looks like a product worth spending money for.
    But the availability issue !! >_<

    • Thanks for appreciating the clicks. I actually was in half mind about sending these clicks. was not really satisfied abt how the bottle was placed.
      and waht do i see here… every once mentioning abt the clicks. eh.. seriously things are never the way we think as. πŸ˜€

  2. Chandni – love the way you clickd.. And nivea is best for winters for sure.. I like their thick cream in winters.. comes in same blue colour. πŸ˜€ bad is its not available in india.:(


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