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Guest Post By Meenu ,

Hello all Lovely Wiseshe readers,

Recently my exams got over (who knows it better than Anamika ;p), so, here I am with my first article on Wiseshe….. actually my first article on any site ever.

Two weeks back I was running out of all my lotions and cream and I wasn’t getting time to go to market and buy the stuff (as I am studying along with a full time job). Then I got a chance to go to Reliance Fresh and finally I got myself a few things
Lakme Daily Glow Fruit Moisturiser (Peach and Plum)

Lakme Fruit Moisture review

Nivea Fruitshine Lip balm in strawberry (anamika suggested me pomegranate flavor but they didn’t have any except strawberry and I couldn’t convince myself to wait for other flavors arrive in stock :p)

Nive fruity shine lip balm review

Nivea Nourishing Body Milk (for dry skin)

Nive body milk review

As of now, I would be reviewing Nivea Nourishing Body Milk for dry skin. Earlier I was using Garnier body cocoon on my super dry skin and was quite happy with that. But while approaching to finish it, I got tempted to try something new and I got this Nivea bottle.

What does the product says: Enriched with skin-own moisturizers, Serine and Alanine, the rich caring milk works with the skin to stimulate its own moisture production in natural way, reducing the roughness of dry skin perceptibly. The milk absorbs quickly to return the dry skin to its natural softness and smoothness leaving it smooth all day long (Quite a claim, I must say ;p).
Ingredients: Aqua, Paraffin Oil, Glycerine, Isopropyl Palmitate, Glycerile Stearate Citrate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Parfum, Sodium Carbomer, Preservatie, Serine, Alanine.

Price: INR 198 for 250 ml and INR 260 for 400 ml (I bought 250 ml bottle).

My experience with the product: I was wondering when they are claim serine and alanine as its special products (skin own moisturizer), don’t you think these should be named first in ingredients list? Anyways, coming to point, this body “milk” spreads actually like milk on applying though the consistency is not that thin.

The smell of the product is very mild n quite nice. Initially I didn’t like it when I smell it directly in the bottle but when applied, it smells good. The fragrance it not strong and I couldn’t smell it after few hours but when I take shower the next day my bathroom fills with its smell as I wet my body  :O . Now the main thing…… moisturizing part, well I was much happier with my garnier body cocoon.

First day when I applied Nivea body milk (generously enough), my skin start feeling stretchy after 3-4 hours even when the temperature here in NCR is getting better and not that low as it was few weeks earlier. Now I started mixing it with few drops of coconut oil to save my skin (I miss my body cocoon… big time). I think I should get my Garnier ASAP and then I’ll come back to this body milk in summers.

nivea body milk review

What I liked about the product:
– Its smell. It has very mild fragrance….. just right for me.
– The packaging. I liked the sober blue packing. Bottle opens with a flip cap, so nothing messy inhere.
– The texture of the product is exactly what i like neither too thick or too thin.
What I didn’t like about the product

– Again, the smell. It’s gone within even 1-2 hrs.
– Again, the packaging :p…. the botte is quite big for 250 ml (may be because of its narrow upper part). The size is not travel friendly; it will occupy too much space in your bag.
– Most important, the moisturizing power. Though it says “for dry skin” but I think it’ll be more suitable for combination skin. Definitely not working for my dry skin especially in winters.
Will I re-purchase it : Nope… Nope… Nope, Garnier rocks!.
Rating: 2.5/ 5:- only coz I can use it with coconut oil.

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  1. I agree with you – this lotion is making wild claims – “the rich caring milk” Caring? I never knew lotions were caring, before we know it, brands will come out with generous lipsticks & kind eyeshadows 😛


    Nice review tho, I guess I’ll skip this & stick to St Ives 😉

  2. hahahahha…kind and caring blue eyeshadows lolz..

    i am using st.ives vitamin e moisutirzer not much impressed with it..u r using oatmeal one Tanz?

  3. OMG u all are using st ives!!!! i should get one now i think…. 😐 😐
    generous lipsticks & kind eyeshadows …! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    thanks Bhumika, Tanveer…. :-))

  4. good morning…
    i should complain my mom about you….
    you are the one who tempt me to but things.. remember lakme moisturiser, maybelline and, of course, nivea lip balm 😕

  5. Yaa please do…all moms love me because i make good food 😀

    i will patao her and tell her that u don do anything in office and just apply lipbalm 😛

  6. oh pulleeze…. he is married and have chilren… AND not at all handsome 😛 😛
    hey u know what you keep on suggesting me thing now i want to suggest you one… u should try oriflame elixir body cream… its very nice with heavenly fragrance n not so expensive either.

  7. How can they give best actress to Kajol…she hardly had anything to do. I thought Vidya Balan’s performance in Ishqiya was much better and should have won.


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