Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm Review


Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm Review

Hello Beauties,

I am here with a lip balm review for you all. The last on I reviewed was the Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Lightening Lip Balm which was a good for nothing lip balm and I didn’t manage to finish it completely.

So, today I will be reviewing a new variant I picked up from Nivea and also because I wanted my lips to be winter ready and not turn dry and cracked at all.

niveal repair lip balm

About Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm

The innovative formula of Nivea Repair & Beauty with Dexpanthenol repairs chapped lips and relieves dryness and discomfort immediately. It provides lips with intense care, long lasting moisture leaving healthy soft and smooth lips with a touch of delicate rose color.


Innovative dual core technology

  • Intense moisture turns the lips smooth
  • Beauty coat for instant healthy, rosy finish

Restores the natural moisture balance

Improves lip skin moisture over time

Price- INR 149 for 4.8g

Shelf Life- 30 months from date of mfg.


nivea lip balm ingredients

Packaging-This lip balm comes in retractable bullet. The inner body is white in color while the cylindrical cap is purple shade which bears the brand name and other features of this lip balm. The manufacturing date and expiry date are mentioned at the base of the lip balm stick.

Product Color & Texture-The lip balm is light pink in color which is the beauty coating responsible for the finish to the lips. The inner coating repairs dry & chapped lips.

The texture of this lip balm is light and mildly creamy but it doesn’t feels sticky. I am not very fond of tinted lip balms and so I really like this non-tinted lip balm which tends to keep my lips soft for a long time.

nivea lip balm texture

Fragrance- The lip balm has a sweet fruity fragrance which I really like as it is very mild. The lip balm has an ingredient Dexpanthenol which make the lips cooler upon applying! Like when you have a menthol kind of candy…exactly that!

My Experience with Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm-

Well, I purchased this lip balm last month when winters had not officially started and have been using it regularly. This works really well in keeping my lips moisturized for a long time and prevents any chapping due to the change in the climate.

nivea lip balm

I usually apply this lip balm in the morning and another layer in the evening. The last routine is just before going to bed. It tends to fade with liquid intake like tea and even while eating but that doesn’t mean that lips will start to feel dry. Even if you don’t apply it for 2 hours, your lips will do fine.

The creamy lip balm is soft textured and glides without any efforts.

This is really working fine for me given the fact that now winter season has started, the skin tends to feel dry and so are the lips.

The fragrance is really mild and not at all over powering so the people with sensitive nose too need not worry.

Overall, I am really happy about this purchase and it lives up to the claims made.

nivea lip balm swatches

What I like about Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm?-

  • Non- tinted lip balm
  • Moisturizing texture
  • Prevents drying and chapping
  • Works for long hours
  • Non-sticky
  • Cooling sensation on lips

What I don’t like about Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm?

  • It finishes off faster 🙁

Rating– 3.5/5

Will I recommend?-Well, if you like non-tinted lip balms and don’t have a problem with fruity fragrance, this is recommended to be used as it really works in preventing the lips from drying.

Have you tried Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm?

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