Nivea Visage Oil Regulating Toner Review


Nivea Products- Nivea Visage Oil Regulating Toner Review

With summers at its peak here I use this Nivea toner minimum of three times a day.This has been the mildest toner I have used recently.Even if it goes into my eyes it doesn’t hurt so you can imagine how mild it is in spite of having alcohol content in it :D:D

Nivea Oil Regulating Toner Review

Nivea Skin Toner –

Nivea visage oil regulating toner containing skin’s own carnitine helps regulate sebum production while thoroughly calrifying the skin without drying it out.Mixed to oily skin needs special cleansing that keeps skin long lasting shine free.

This Nivea product is skin compatibility dermatologically  approved

Beauty adivce – Apply with cotton pad, cleansing face and neck,avoiding the eye area.

Result -Skin is thoroughly clarified and mattified with a pure and hydrated feeling

Price of Nivea Skin Toner – Rs149 for 125ml

Nivea Oil Regularing toner mixed to oily skin  review

Ingredient of Skin toner for oily skin -These are not complete ingredients .

It has glycerine and Castor oil which suits my skin perfectly in summers.


Nivea  Toner Price

Packaging of Nivea – It comes in a beautiful baby blue packaging and has a flip top with it.Packaging gives a soothing feeling in this summer.

Nivea Visage Toner Review

Toner is very light and looks like water

Toner For Oily Skin

My experience with Nivea skin toner

This toner keeps away shine from my face for some 3-4 hours easily.I use it after washing my face with Lush Herbalism and some times in morning hurry I forget to apply moisturizer and still my skin doesn’t feel dry for long long time.:):)

My skin feels less oily after using the toner because of its oil regulating properties.It is decenlyt priced , travel friendly and one bottle lasts for around 2  months if used every day .

It doesn’t itch or irritate my skin albeit I did have pimples while using this toner and they did leave blemishes behind but I won’t blame the toner completely for it.Anyways , I have never come aross any toner which can cure blemishes:P

All in all toner live up to its claim of mattifying the skin and keeping it hydrated.

Will I recommend it to others – If you have oily skin which is pimple prone then do give it a try this summer.

What I do not like about Nivea Visage Oil Regulating toner

1.It has alcohol in it

2.Complete list of ingredients are not mentioned

Wise She Rating:-

Price– 4.5/5

Effetiveness – 4/5

Packaging -3.5/5

Availability – 4/5

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      • me!! me new in toners πŸ˜› don’t u remember, once i asked you which toner u use in peak summer & rest of the year 😐 and u said in very hot weather sometimes u use astringents πŸ˜‰

      • anamika I suggest you not to use an astringent…….I agree that astringent keeps one refreshing and oil free but in my case I saw that astringent steals skin’s glow too… rose water is the best toner according to me…….I use Keya Seth’s Neem Water for my oily skin.

  1. ya nivea has wide range of these stuff many ranges like young, acne n all..see them everytime but never tried them… :beauty:

  2. It’s very nice.. It helped me in maintaining my skin well n i didn’t get any pimple after using it too πŸ™‚ .. just shudn’t go in2 eyes πŸ˜›


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