No.7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer Review & Swatches


 No.7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer

Once I was having a discussion on UK cosmetics brands with a friend who had been to UK for 2 years, she told me No.7 is the brand she found the best. I heard, thought and forgot about it but when my other friend came back from UK, he brought me a number of things. And guess what! He also got me one No.7 long lasting lip lacquer.

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It’s very special for me because my friend had to visit a cosmetics shop and search this for me. The shade he got me is pure beauty and I am really amazed by the choice he made.

The lipstick has both lipcolour and lipgloss. It’s not a new concept nowadays, as every brand has come up with their own long lasting lip colors having both lipstick and gloss.

You apply the color, wait till it dries and then apply lipgloss, the lipcolor lasts all day while you have to keep on re-touching the gloss as required.


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No.7 is a well-known brand in the UK and it has impressed me as well. The color is mauvish pink, and the gloss contains beautiful gold shimmer, which are not chunky at all. It definitely lives up to its claim of being real long lasting.


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When I apply the color, I do feel it to be a bit sticky but that feeling dies off in mo more than a minute or 2. And once the color sets, it doesn’t budge. I like applying this lip lacquer when I know I won’t be able to do frequent touch ups. Without gloss, it gives me an even color and doesn’t dry up my lips while with a gloss, its super sexy. In day time, I always apply gloss in the middle of my lips, it adds a nice pout :).


No.7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer Review LipSwatch without gloss+number 7 makeup

No.7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer Review Lip Swatch with gloss+no 7 makeup


I would definitely suggest every girl to have at least one shade from this collection. When we go outdoors, we cannot always open our mirror and re-touch. I have been using this for 2-3 months and I am awed!


What I like about No.7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer:

  • Truly long-lasting
  • Beautiful shade, any time wear sort of
  • Doesn’t dry out the lips
  • Once set its totally comfortable
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Tube is of the same color as the lipshade, so it becomes easy to find it
  • Removing them is easy unlike my Maxfactor one, I just use Johnson’s baby oil and my job is done J

What I don’t like about No.7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer:

  • None as such
  • Availability in India, if I have to write

I would definitely stock up more colors from this range and would suggest you all too J


Have you tried No.7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer?


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  1. I love no.7 products…my aunt used t get me some as a teen…sadly then i dint kno what a treat i was gettin n used t b keast interested..kaash tab ws hota..


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