No Heat Frizz Free Beachy Waves


Sometimes seeing myself in straight hair bores me and I wish for those soft beachy waves and here is a great idea to get them without any heat .Also, with this you get rid of all the frizz as well..Before getting excited let me tell you that if your hair are not that wavy or curly enough then this trick will probably not work for you that much. My hair do not hold curls well and that is the reason they don’t show much waves but this trick will work great on curly and wavy hair .



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How To Get the Beachy Waves With No Heat :-

  • I do it just after washing my hair you can slight damp your hair and then divide your hair into two parts for soft curls and four parts for tight curls .
  • Now twist inward (this I am sure you must have done before many many times::P) .You can twist outward as well if you want to.
  • Keep twisting till your hair get dry or you can blow dry them. For more waves you can use a hair straightener also, just keep on pressing the twist with it.
  • After twisting just tie them with a rubber band and keep doing all your chores till your hair dry down.
  • Now open up the twist with light hand
  • Enjoy your natural no frizz waves .



Remember if you have curly or wavy hair it works the best.. Also, if you sleep overnight with them then you will get up with real wavy hair .


Do you know any no heat frizz free beauty waves?



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  1. I have never tried but have heard that by spraying sea salt water on your hair and then crimping it with your hand while it dries gives you really nice beach waves.

    I will try the way you mentioned definitely πŸ™‚ nice idea !

  2. Yes yes we want your hair :'( You`re such a rapunzel. goodness me. And I`ve tried this – it does give beachy waves but I~m a fan of either straight hair or soft defined curls… you have a lot of hair no doubt. Mine is recovering from the chlorine damage that swimming for over 8 years caused :/ I love the sport. gah. πŸ˜›

  3. i like doing new styles wid my hair. but now they r tooo short.. wud try this out once u get some lengthy hair back πŸ˜‰


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