Non-Toxic Nail Polishes In India


Non-Toxic Nail Polishes In India

Undeniably, a single swipe of your favorite nail polish color can brighten up your hands as well as your mood; in fact it can cheer up your whole personality. But did it ever strike your mind that what was the strange smelling, suffocating odor that we all have had to suffer from, at one point or another? Have you never noticed the overpowering whiff in the air of your favorite nail salon, or maybe you did but decided not to question it? If these questions sound familiar to, my friend you too have been using the dreaded toxic nail paints, which are doing you harm. Lots and lots of harm!

Are the conventional polishes, you so religiously use actually safe?

Generally, people in India do not show much concern regarding the ingredient lists, especially in nail grooming products, as they do not think it to be necessary. We in India believe that the nail polishes our trusted brands provide us with are safe and completely free of toxic substances, despite the obnoxious smells they cause while polish application and drying. But sadly, we are mistaken.

nail polish Stash

Traditional nail polishes are generally acclaimed to be highly toxic as they are nothing but an amalgamation of venomous and potentially unsafe chemicals, veiled in the warps of a bright color.

What makes nail polishes toxic?

As I claimed earlier, conventional nail polishes are nothing but a mixture of unsightly chemicals that you would expect to find in a factory. The worst part, most of them are not even required in the formation of nail polishes. But the three most dangerous constituents of nail polish which all of you should look out for are as follows:

  • Formaldehyde – Generally listed as FORMALIN on the ingredient list of few companies who provide one, formaldehyde is a well-know human carcinogen. Yes, your nail polish has stuff which can aggravate your cancer cells. Terrifying isn’t it? Apart from being a carcinogen, formaldehyde when inhaled in quantities a little more than the safe-levels of inhalation, can cause harsh irritation in the eyes, throat and nasal passage. Formaldehyde fumes when inhaled increase the chances of asthma and potent allergies.
  • DBP (Dibutyl phthalate) – Widely acclaimed as a development toxicant which can cause reproductive issues in humans, especially men; DBP is banned in most European countries. Polishes containing DBP are especially unsafe for little children as they tend to suck on their (painted) fingers and nails and thereby come in direct contact with this toxic substance, which could lead to liver and kidney failure.
  • Toluene Toluene, a reasonable skin irritant, is generally present on the ingredient list with the name PHENYLMETHANE. Inhaling Toluene vapors in low quantities can directly affect the CNS (central nervous system), leading to a situation of slight drowsiness and mild headaches. While heavy inhalation of these vapors can even cause irritation in the nasal passage, esophagus (throat) and the upper respiratory tract.

How to choose a healthier, Non-toxic version of nail polish?

Reading about all the harmful substances you have all been painting your nails with till now has forced to ponder over your decision of even wanting to paint your nails ever again? Isn’t it? But long gone are the times when we had to compromise on health or color choices in nail polishes, as we now have greener, much safer options than what we have stacked up.

We have all heard that whatever we put on our skins and nails gets directly absorbed by our blood stream. No, acetone does not count here. (Read here to know more). So wouldn’t it be better to let alone all these harmful toxins and opt for safer, the Toxic-Trio free companies which have started bringing out oh-so-beautiful yet out of harm’s way nail lacquer shades?


Who does not love NARS? Talking about nail polishes, they make shades to die for. I have always been a religious fan of NARS products. And now that I have discovered them to be free of the deadly toxic-trio, I am a devotee. 😉

Shades to try for Indian skin tones: NARS Opaque nail polish in Tomorrow’s Red and No Limits


Zoya is one such nail polish brand which is the proud owner of over 300 colors which have strived to remain free of the three chemicals and other toxins. They are amazing.

Zoya Nail Polish in Flynn

Shades to try: ZOYA nail polish in FLYNN is a perfect nude for Indian skin tones while YANA and MICKY are two shades of pink which will make you fall in love with them. Completely.


Essie nail polishes claim to be the ultimate authority when it comes to budget friendly, non-toxic nail paints in the market. The nail polishes are so long wearing, chip resistant and have fashion-forward shades.

essie russian red

Shades to try: Our favorite pick would definitely be ESSIE RUSSIAN RED.

Does the non-toxic nail polish need any extra care?

Just like you, I had similar thoughts when starting out with non-toxic nail polishes. I wanted to know that what it was exactly that was needed to be done? And if these nail polishes were actually as durable as my regular nail polishes. But the results were all in the positive. I was more than happy to realize that even the removal process did not demand anything extra.

Even the darkest of the shades are easily removable using a normal acetone remover. However, it may take a few extra seconds to get rid of all the polish completely.

A relaxing mani-pedi is always a treat for the body, while painting the nails is a treat for the eyes; but these treats could be afflicting harm on you as well as your surrounding and the people whom you love. Your tootsies deserve the TLC you crave so much but make sure to keep it safe.

Stay safe, stay gorgeous.

Do you prefer to use non toxic nail polishes?

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