Dandruff cure


When dead skin cells starts shedding in an excess amount from hair it is called as dandruff. Almost every one goes through the problem of dandruff. A snowy dust like material that keeps falling and sometimes it makes one embarrassing in front of others. Symptoms of dandruff is an itchy scalp and if its more severe then makes scalp appear red.

Effect of dandruff

1.Dandruff stops the flow of air to the roots as it is sticky and result in weakening of roots of the hair.

2. Prolong suffering from dandruff results in hair fall.

3.Some times hair loss as well.

There is no particular reason which results in dandruff. A person can suffer from dandruff if he/she is having excessive intake of fast food, depression or anger, severe cold, a drug side effect etc .Most of the time it is due to imbalance of metabolism in the body.The worst effect of dandruff is that when it fall on face it results in pimples. Varieties of shampoo, medicines and soaps are available in market to cure dandruff but generally they are effective till the time they are used.

Below is a list of some remedies which can help in the cure of dandruff but before that few things should be religiously followed.

1. Comb your hair at leaste three or four times a day.

2. Keep your hair clean by washing them regularly .Washing your hair twice in winters and thrice in summers is sufficient.

3. Also don’t let water fall on your face when your are washing your hair.

Remedies are:-

1. Take 10gm of black pepper and add it in 20ml of lime juice. Take ½ cup fresh milk ,mix the juice in the milk and rinse this mixture in the roots of hair. Rinse it like oil and wash it off after half an hour. This remedy should be used every alternate day. You will see the result within few days itself.

2.Make a paste of fenugreek seeds with rose water and apply it for half an hour. Apply this past twice a week. To make the paste fenu greek should be soaked under water whole night.

3.Boiled neem leaves and rinse your hair with the neem water.

4.Eggs also helps in getting rid of dandruff.All you need to do is take 1-2 eggs according to your hair length.Beat the eggs with water and apply the mixture on hair .Massage your hair with mixture and wash it off after half an hour.



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