Nose Makeup Tricks – Makeup Tricks To Make Nose Smaller


By Mitra,

How does one make broad nose look thin or small?

How To Make Your Nose Appear smaller


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  1. Ask someone to punch on the nose everyday :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Sorry I don’t know any make up tricks and that was the 1st thought that came to my mind :((

  2. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: nice presence of mind Maha!!!

    well i think, broad nose can be make to look thin by 2 methods :
    1 – by cosmetic surgery as done by shilpa shetty kundra 😛
    2 – by applying dark shade foundation on the sides of the nose and a lighter shade ka foundation on the bridge of the nose 😀 😀

  3. hey Anu…kaha gayab ho gayi??no comments kafi der se!! may be you went to have lunch :-/
    I may take your leave now…my hubby is working on our PC problem, may be PC format karke phir se network setups vagaira re-instal karna pade…will meet u soon, ba bye..

  4. u can do that wid help of contouring as mentioned by prerna.. the areas on your face done wid dark foundation will appear like there are receding.. and anything done wid lighter foundation will appear like its coming forward.

  5. Thankc Candy
    here are my two cents

    Apply sheer foundation on your face and blend it .Cover all your blemishes with the foundation..i mean it should be a decent cover foundation.

    Now dust bronzer on your face mainly on your cheek bones and bridge of your nose.

    This will hide imperfection and make your nose appear smaller

    check out kajal for this..she does it most of the time:)

  6. Hey Anamika .. yaar suggest me some gud kajal.My eyes are allergic to some cosmetic thats why i use herbal kajal (have tried himalayas ,shainaz hussain’s kajal) and currently using Vlcc kajal.but the problem with every kajal is that these all spreads 🙁 🙁 .

    • Alpna all kajal smudges no matter what so i suggest you to stick to any of these and dab some black eyeshadow over the kajal this will lessen up the smudging 🙂

  7. its called contouring, by using dark and light shades of make up
    you can instantly make it look thinner/smaller, its just a visual effect
    but if you are planning for permanent work then one need to go for plastic surgery or petite rhinoplasy also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty which
    entails injection using one of the longer-lasting fillers , common among asians, just google it.

  8. Apply a highlighter or blush in shimmery white or pale pink shade on the bridge of your nose and a matte bronzer or brown blush on the corners of your nose.
    You could also try using 2 different shades of foundation lighter one on the bridge and darker one on corners.


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