NOTD-Pink nail art/Nail art design

This is a simple nail art which I did on my friend Vineeta who came to meet me today.I remember that she too use to eat nails like me but now she has given up her  habit.You know how?She eats only one hand nail  now and her second hand has long nails.Lolz.
I wonder weather I should compliment her for not eating the second hand nails or not:D.I did this free hand nail art with some pink, blue and yellow.Ask me why?Because these are the only colors I can really think off :P.Hope I will improve slowly. 🙂
For this design I applied the pink color nail polish and then made a yellow flower on the left nail .Then made a upside down blue flower with its stem and coated the nails with a shimmery nail polish again.Easy peassy naa?
Vineeta was first worried how she is going to wear this tomorrow in her office but then she decided to go with pink  matching top too :D.If we women get one thing done we have so many other things also to think about.:D.If I get a sari then I worry about the matching purse and then the shoes and list goes on:P

Thank You Vineeta for letting me play with your nails.:)

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  1. Hey !! It took me time to recognise you :P..why don u upload a pic of yours.

    and yaa me loving blue too ..gonna play with them so much..enjoying my nail art

    and happy friday ..hope u r not working 2mrw:P
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