Nourishing Hair Masks From Hair Care Brands


Nourishing Hair Masks From Hair Care Brands

There is no complacency in saying that there are quite a few good hair care masks that one could try for hair care. Since these are marketed by quite competitive brands, I am sure one would agree that these masks are not only good but are varying only in specific uniqueness of one product over others. Let me bring to you a list of prevalent brands which you could choose according to your hair needs.

Loreal Total Repair 5 Hair Masque

Priced at INR 325 for 500 gms pack, this mask comes with a rescue solution to rough and dry hair. It works well on highly ruined hair. So if you have dull, brittle and hair with split ends and you feel you need your hair grafted, try this masque from Loreal and gift yourself and your hair a new lease of life.

Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Intensive Strengthening Masque

Matrix biolage color care protective masque

This mask from Matrix is as old as the regime or era of rebonding hair came into scene. The masque is pretty effective on damaged hair and is quite popular in salons these days. It is seen to impact hair with shine and bounce quite effectively. It is available at INR 410 for almost 400 gms.

Schwarzkopf Extra Hair Care Repair:

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Treatment Review+Schwarzkopf

This masque is a one minute intensive repair system for damaged hair. This masque is pretty good at repairing split ends and dryness from hair in quite a few uses. A must try product available at most Hair Salons at INR 300 for a 150 ml pack.

Dove Intense Repair Treatment Mask:

Dove hair treatment intense

I have personally tried this mask and it is pretty effective in lending your hair that extra bout of plumpness. Your hair is shinier with its regular use and you feel good about them for sure.  The inner strength of the hair is also seen improving after month or two of regular use of this mask. It is avised to be used at least once every week. The price of the product is INR 215 for a 200 ml pack.

Pantene Hair Mask:

pantene hair mask

Pantene is gaining its market quite rapidly with this mask. The product is reasonably priced compared to other masks and is quite hydrating as well. Its total care treatment is quite a boon if you are unable to take care of your hair with oiling, conditioning etc. It is priced at INR 199 for a 135 ml pack.

Sunsilk Keratinology Hair Spa Mask:

 intensive treatment mask

This is priced at INR 400 for 200 ml pack. This pack is enough for two months long usage with one mask session done every week. Its deep invasion into your hair leaves them nourished and hydrated for long. The hair feels softer, shinier and volume also gets better. The keratin makes your hair retain the moisture and shine for longer period, and eventually nourishes them with protein and richness of necessary Vitamins.

With any hair care product you choose, always be careful about the content that you may observe on the pack. All these brands are quite famous and well known when it comes to hair care. These products, still need to be checked for their content respective to the hair type you have. I hope these suggestions help you choose your product for the right hair care that your hair need.

Have you tried these hydrating hair masks?

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