Nourkrin Women- An Answer to Hair Woes


Nourkrin Women- An Answer to Hair Woes

I have noticed that hair problems have tremendously increased for both males & females in the recent years owing to the ever increasing pollutants in the atmosphere and the stressful lifestyle! This is something even I am worried about constantly as I am very particular about my hair & try to take good care of my precious mane as much as possible!


Well, there is no denying in the fact that good hair care involves not only maintaining the hair strength but also ensuring that the natural process of hair growth works well and if it has somehow slowed down due to hormonal issues, stress or pollution, you need to do something to boost the hair growth. Hair thinning is one of the initial things you immediately notice and then you realize your hair problem is so serious!

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It really stresses me when I see so much of hair in the shower drain or in the hair brush and it really scares me to see so many hair strands everyday on the floor. There is an urge to try something which brings back the hair volume or prevents the continuous hair fall along with boosting the hair follicles to grow naturally and add to the hair volume!

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Well, I got the answer to my hair woes when I tried Nourkrin which is just the product I have been looking for my constant hair thinning problem!

If you still haven’t heard about Nourkrin, let me enlighten you that it is a safe drug-free supplement exclusively for women which helps in nourishing hair and also ensures that it boosts the normal hair growth so as to get a gorgeous and voluminous mane!

Nourkrin helps you combat hair fall and thinning by supporting and maintaining close to 1 Lac hair on your head. 8/10 women saw a significant improvement after using Nourkrin.​

Nourkrin Women

Having tried the product, I can confidently say that it really works wonders if you have been dealing with hair thinning & are clueless about what to do about it!

And you know the best part is that Nourkrin – a revolutionary proteoglycan therapy, now available in India, marketed by Glenmark. Yes! It works. 8/10 women have seen the results.

The hair supplement comes in the form of tablets which really makes it easy to consume orally in a hassle free way! I have read about so many cases where this supplement has worked magically in transforming & combating hair thinning issues! Well, all good things take time and this one too is a 6 months long course which needs to be religiously completed so as to see visible results! Now bid adieu to all your hair woes with just a little amount of patience!


Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t mind if it takes a little longer because for me, hair is my crowning glory and I am willing to try anything for as long to get gorgeous looking healthy hair!

A lot of women still go by the idea that what you can apply on your hair is what works best for hair but that is not true because topical treatments often give temporary results but when you take an oral supplement, it ensures that any deficiency n the body is taken care of and its effects are long term and permanent so we need to make a smart choice!

Nourkrin has an active ingredient- Marilex which is responsible for restoring the hair growth cycle to normal which in turn boosts hair growth!

Finally with the launching of Nourkrin, a product by Pharma Medico, marketed in India by Glenmark; I really believe that so many women will be able to get gorgeous looking hair with this amazing supplement which works magically in solving major hair problems and let every women have the hair she has been longing for a long time!

I have been trying this hair supplement since a good time and I am really amazed with the results. I will keep you posted with the progress from time to time!

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  1. My sister used this product and since then she has seen visible result..its on the expensive side but works ..

  2. Hi Khushboo!

    Hair loss after child birth is pretty common..Please make sure you eat healthy and have your supplements regularly..Also, speak to your doctor about it.

  3. I am not sure about helps in hair growth .As i dont suffer from bald patches myself i can’t say anything about it.


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