Nude Lips Vs Red Lips – What is Your Choice


Nude Lips Vs Red Lips – What is Your Choice

Hello people,

Red Lips VS Nude Lips is not a new question that keeps a lady confused. There are times when you fail to decide between the two trends. To make things easier for you all, today I shall be sharing how and when to sport Red Lips and Nude Lips. Without much ado let me straight away head to real business. Read On.

Red Lips


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Red lips say confidence, glamour and becomes the center of attraction. There is nothing that can beat the oomph of a dash of bold red lipstick.

Red lips complete any look and every lady can wear them with ease. But the wide pool of red lip colors again calls for a major confusion.

How to pick the right red for you?

Examining your skin tone is one of the most common and sure shot way to find a flattering shade of red.

  • If you have Fair skin, then try a blue-based or coral red.
  • If you have Olive or Medium toned skin, then you will look best in a bright, fire-engine red.
  • Deep shades of red like brick and burgundy are ideal on Duskier skin.

Iconic Red Lady-Lipped Ladies: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Grace Kelly, Madonna, Dita Von Teese.

Nude Lips


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Nude lips say fresh & innocent but this does not make them any lesser in oomph factor, they look really sexy. Nude lips came into fashion in the ’60s when pale lips contrasted with heavily outlined eyes and layers of false eyelashes became a rage. It was the moment of the mod, and a lighter lip fit the youth-quake vibe of the decade.

Nude lips has continued to be a trend even now when fashionable women prefer a natural, but still glamorous. Similar to red lips choosing the ideal shade of nude too can be tricky. Again it is your skin tone which will best indicate for a neutral color to compliment you.

  • For Fair skin, look for a warm beige shade with a hint of rose.
  • If you’re more towards medium skin tone, then you can wear a true beige and a pinky-nude beige, both will work for you.
  • If you have a duskier complexion, you will look best in nudes with a brown base that are closer to your skin tone.

Iconic Nudists: Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, Julie Christie, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chrissie Hynde.

What Look Compliments With Red Lips & Nude Lips?

There is a simple rule to never let your makeup go wrong i.e., Accentuate One Feature At A time!
Red lips make a bold statement and give power to lips while Nude lips are for understating the lips, keeping them to look fresh and give another facial feature a highlighted space.

If you are planning to sport Red Lips then you should keep your eye makeup minimal. If you wish to flaunt fresh nude lips then you can play around with your eyes. A black outfit with Red Lips is a never go wrong bet similarly Smokey eyes with nude lips make a hit combination,

Bollywood Trend

When we talk about trend and not discuss bollywood that looks oh so incomplete and at the same time is a bit unfair. You agree or not but Bollywood plays a major role in setting a trend. Here are few bollywood actresses collaged together sporting nude lips and red lips. This will help you decide better on which trend to go by.


Bollywood Actresses - RED LIPS

Bollywood Actresses - NUDE LIPS

By the way our dearest Anamika too has asked this question, which one is better Nude Lips Or Red Lips? What say people? I am an ardent Red Lover and also after seeing these pictures Love Red even more, but as they truly say “Nude Is Sexy, Red Is Hot”, the war between these trending lip shades is never gonna come to an end, and why will it, because if one loses its trend too will be gone and we love both of these.


Anamiks Red Lips VS Nude Lips

Which trend is your bet, is it the Sexy Nude or Bold Red?

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  1. i am more comfy in nudes and light lip shades bt i like red too and wear it smtyms. I have only 3 red lip colors while abt 48 other shades. That explains my choice :lipstick:

  2. 48!!!! Lagta hai Jaipur ka trip jaldi maran padega Maitri! 😉 :-p

    I love reds more than nudes!! Ye bat aur hai ki I don’t get to wear red that often! 😉


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