Nyassa Salt Body Scrub and Body Scrub Oil – Under the ocean Review


Nyaasa Salt Body Scrub

Chandi jaisa rang hain tera… Bright healthy skin

Chandan sa Badan ….. Fragrant Skin

Badan pe sitarein lapete hue…. Glowing skin

Want these accolades?? I know a secret that will get your darlings sing this for you.

Nyassa Salt Body Scrub and Body Scrub Oil Review+body scrub

Nyassa Salt Body Scrub and Body Scrub Oil Review Package+salt scrub

Try a salt body scrub with oil from Nyassa. Dry skin can be a boon for keeping acne problems at bay but it’s a bane in the winters to keep it from flaking, drying and dehydrated. Inspite of moisturising the skin by the end of the day is back with dullness and dryness. The face is still manageable, what will you do about the rest of your body? I suffered the banes of dryness in winters.

Nyassa Body Scrub Oil Review+fragrance oil

Then I discovered Nyassa’s Salt Body Scrub and Body Scrub Oil. It comes in 2 parts, body scrub and scrub oil. Earlier they had the oil mixed in the salt but due to some packaging issues they discontinued and now they sell it in two part in a single package. One has to take the required portion on the palm and rub it on the skin. The salt exfoliates the skin and the oil hydrates it. I use it 2-3 times a week during my bathing routine. Then i lightly rinse it off with a light soap. The moisture retains in my body for about 2-3 days depending on the weather. I then seal the moisture with my favourite moisturiser. I like the soft fragrant spa like effect it creates.

Nyassa Salt Body Scrub Review+body scrubs

Nyassa Salt Body Scrub and Body Scrub Oil Review Salt+salt scrubs

These scrubs and oils come in various fragrances like Rose Bouquet (I am using this currently- review coming soon), Arabic Uud, Jasmine, Raspberry. This one is Under the Ocean which is very aqua, lemony and citrusy fragrance. Be sure to get transported to Hawaii while in the shower.

Nyassa Rose Bouquet Salt Body Scrub+body scrub

What I like about Nyassa Salt Body Scrub and Body Scrub Oil  –  Under the ocean

Exfoliation, Moisturise, Dehydration of skin and Fragrance.

What I don’t like about Nyassa Salt Body Scrub and Body Scrub Oil – Under the ocean:-

Cumbersome packaging. I like the all mixed one they earlier had.

Where did I buy it from – Nyassa – Kiosk – Oberoi Mall , Goregaon , Mumbai

  • Overall verdict – 4.5/5
  • Fragrance -4.5/5
  • Packaging – 4/5
  • Moisture – 4.5/5
  • Exfoliation – 4.5/5

Will I buy it again – Its staple for my skin 365 days. I will.

 Have you tried Nyassa Salt Body Scrub and Body Scrub Oil – Under the ocean?

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  1. Miss BoPeep, thanks so much for reviewing the product and so happy that you enjoyed the product. Thanks also for your feedback on the packaging. Infact going forward the reason we were going to have separate salts and oils is that you can have a different fragrance every time you use the product. So basically we would be retailing the oils in various smaller size options and you could use a different oil each time you scrub. a little cumbersome but a great way to sample different fragrances. Stay tuned for an amazing collection of soaps coming up with exotic ingredients in April this year…

  2. Dear Vineetha and Anamika, thanks for your feedback on the scrubs. Just wanted to mention that what we retail in our regular stores are “Salt “body scrubs. What we had given in the Velvette box was a “”SUGAR” body scrub to blend well with the Belgian chocolate. The sugar granules are much bigger than salt and thus the experience of the scrub. We will take this feedback seriously and maybe have the sugar blended more so as to give a better exfoliation just like the salt scrubs do. But do try the salt body scrubs as they are one of the best selling products since the past 6 years 🙂 Do join us on the facebook page and will keep you posted on some great promotions offers and tips.


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