Nyassa Soap Snowflakes Review


Nyassa Soap  Snowflakes

I am always in search of soaps and body washes which smell divine, not only for myself but also for my 8years old son. As the summers were on their way, I searched for some soap which may give that cooling sensation during and after bath and thus I found Nyassa Snowflakes soap in an online shopping site. I quickly ordered it along with Nivea body wash. Lets see how these snowflakes came up to:


Nyassa Soap Snowflakes Review+natural soap


About Nyassa Soap-Snowflakes:-

Our clear base soaps are made from a Coconut and Palm oil base. And best of all, they are made the old fashioned way. Yes, they are handmade, cut and sold by weight. Choose from a variety of amazing fragrances.

  • Price: Rs 200 /-
  • Net weight : 100 gms.
  • Ingredients :Soap base, Essential oil/fragrance and color.


Nyassa Soap Snowflakes Review Price and Quantity+homemade soaps

My experience with Nyassa Soap-Snowflakes:

The main reason I got attracted by this was the blue color of the soap and the name. It was my last buy from Urbantouch.com. I imagined this soap giving a fresh feel in the hot summers but I was wrong.

Nyassa Soap Snowflakes Review Details+natural soaps

I cut it into pieces and use it as seen in the picture. If used every day, one piece goes on for a week. The smell of the soap is like a typical soapy-detergent fragrance which lingers for about half an hour. I have never used it on face so can’t say whether it will lead to break outs or not. I and my son use it for bathing and it makes skin very squeaky clean. It doesn’t makes skin dry but there is a need of moisturizer after bathing with it for dry skin gals. It comes in a transparent packaging with a label on both sides. It lathers perfectly and also doesn’t lead to any extra wastage. I keep it separate in a dish and leave it for drying. I love the after effects of the soap but I hate its fragrance.

Nyassa Soap Snowflakes Review Product+handcrafted soap

What I like about Nyassa Soap Snowflakes:

  • Looks so fresh and blue
  • Lathers well
  • Doesn’t leads to extra wastage
  • A small piece goes for a week
  • 100 % vegetarian
  • Consists of natural ingredients
  • Hand made

What I don’t like about Nyassa Soap Snowflakes:

  • Bad smell
  • Availability

Rating: 4/5

Will I re – purchase it ?

I won’t be re-purchasing this but would surely try other soaps from Nyassa, as I love hand made soaps with great fragrances.


Have you tried Nyassa Soap Snowflakes?


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  1. aiyooooo bad smell..me keep away frm dis..but it luks so cute navs..i love d vanilla one it smells awesome..try tht out :hug-makeup:


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