Nyassa Vanilla DryFruit Luxury Bar Review


Nyassa Vanilla DryFruit Luxury Bar

I have been an ardent fan of Nyassa for a while now.  My daily use soap has to be a Nyassa. Depending on the season the range changes. My all time favourite is their Rose Boutique Soap and have been using it for over 3 years now.  For winter it’s their Olive oil based soaps. And for hot summers its Under the Ocean.

Nyassa Vanilla and DryFruit Luxury Bar image

Thanks to the Vellvette box last month. I got this new soap from Nyassa. I got a sampler size of 30gms. However the full size is 150gms.


Nyassa Vanilla and DryFruit Luxury Bar Review+soap gifts

It’s a creamy luxurious soap. Offwhite in color with lots of dryfruit bits in it. Smells almost like something edible. Trust me it’s very tempting to take a bite of it.  Have you had a chance to have the Turkish Helva anytime? It’s made with ground sesame and honey.  This looks exactly the same and smells equally good.

Nyassa Vanilla and DryFruit Luxury Bar Review_Turkish Helva

Pls don’t mistake this for the soap. These are the Turkish Helva. During my travels once we took a transit through Istanbul for Europe. Even the airports are full of these sweet display. One can just pick and taste as much as you want. By the end of our transit we had tasted so much of these that we didn’t want to eat anymore and didn’t buy any 😛 Splurged on some cosmetics and perfume in dutyfree instead. What can you expect a beauty junkie like me to do??

Nyassa Vanilla and DryFruit Luxury Bar Review thickness+scented soap


This soap bar oozes Vanilla extracts and dryfuits fragrance. Every time I use it reminds me of Diwali and the smell of mithai , dryfruits all over. I think this idea would be a great marketing idea for them J I like the texture of the soap, its quiet milky and creamy and doesn’t dry me out and the little teenie weenie dryfruit bits help to exfoliate. The fragrance lingers on for a while. I so love it! With the Vanilla, Cream , Dryfruits its actually a luxurious soap.


Nyassa Vanilla and DryFruit Luxury Bar Review Wet Soap+bath soaps

Nyassa Vanilla and DryFruit Luxury Bar Review Soap Lather+bath soap


I am definitely adding this to my list of Nyssa stuff that I buy regularly for some time now.


What I like about Nyassa Vanilla DryFruit Luxury Bar:

  • Fragrance – Its almost edible
  • Texture – Smooth and Exfoliating
  • Moistening – doesn’t dry me out.
  • Quite Luxurious


What I don’t like about Nyassa Vanilla DryFruit Luxury Bar:

  • Nothing really.


  • Overall – 5/5
  • Price – INR400 for 150Gms (Generally Nyassa soaps last me a good month long)
  • Will I repurchase – Sure will.


PS: I love post scripts. They are most fun 🙂

Will I was writing this post I actually went for my shower in between and used the soap. Post shower I didn’t wear a moisturiser to check how long the fragrance lingers on me. I wanted to write accurate review. See how much I love you all. Muaaah Muaaahh….


 Have you tried Nyassa Vanilla DryFruit Luxury Bar?


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  1. me 2 got in dis velvette box.. n luv it…i am a total vanilla fan..vanilla soap, showr gel, body butter, mist, lipbalm 😀

  2. Its such a yummy looking soap MBP :eat:
    @Ana, u slept 12hrs :-)) :-)) lucky you.
    Iam feeling very lazy today :yawn: :yawn: :ZZZ:


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