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NYC Liquid Eyeliner 887 Black Noir


Hey all beauty geeks!!!

Since the time I became interested in makeup (which was not long ago), I have only used eye pencils to define and line my eyes. The obvious reason was I am not good at using liquid eyeliners. My hands start shaking even at the thought of applying a liquid eyeliner 😉 However, eye pencils do not give that kind of depth and beauty to eyes that a precise liquid eyeliner can. So, I picked up NYC liquid eyeliner as a first attempt to line my eyes.


NYC Liquid Eyeliner Black Noir 887


NYC liquid liner is a favorite among you-tubers as an affordable and an excellent alternative to high-end eye liners. This is the reason I bought this baby so that even if I fail (again) at lining my eyes, I won’t have wasted a high amount.  😉 Stay tuned to know did I waste money on this???

About NYC Liquid Eyeliner:

New York Color is an affordable cosmetics line. The liquid eyeliner is one of the many eyeliners/eye pencils the company sells. The company’s website describes the eyeliner as:

‘Ever dreamed of having Audrey Hepburn’s glamorous look? NYC New York Color Liquid Eyeliner infuses your eyes with the intensity they crave. This staple liner can do fine or bold lines without the fuss. With its mistake-free applicator, elongate your lash line to shape and define your eyes like never before. ‘


NYC Liquid Eyeliner Black Noir usage

NYC Liquid Eyeliner Black Noir care


Price : $2.99.

Ingredients: With skin conditioning ingredients. (only this is mentioned on the website. However, ingredients are mentioned on the back of the eyeliner packaging.)


NYC Liquid Eyeliner Black Noir Ingredients


My take on NYC Liquid Eyeliner 887 Black Noir:

NYC Liquid Eyeliner is available in two shades – Black and Pearlized Black. I picked up Black as the other color is a shimmery black. This eyeliner is among the few darkest black eyeliners I have used in my life. The color is really intense and I love that it has a brush applicator. Even the handle is a long one which makes the application easier for me for sure. Apparently, Megan Fox did mention this eyeliner as being one of her favorites. That is enough for atleast trying it once 😉


NYC Liquid Eyeliner 887 Black Noir


  • Texture: This particular eyeliner can’t be described as a thick or thin formula. I do remove the excess before applying, but I can finish one eye using just one swipe. It sets quickly and gives an ultra – matte look to the eyes.
  • Pigmentation: The color is intense in just one swipe. It does not look dark gray as many other eyeliners do.
  • Staying Power: It stays on the lids for a quite decent time. I have oily lids and still it didn’t smudge or fade on me. Though do note that it is not water-proof.
  • Packaging: The liquid eyeliner comes in a standard tube packaging with silver lettering. It has a fine and concise brush applicator with a very comfortable, long handle. The brush is dense which gives a beautiful application in one stroke.


NYC Black NoirLiquid Eyeliner  swatch


What I like about NYC Liquid Eyeliner 887 Black Noir:

  • Intense black color.
  • Ultra-matte finish.
  • Long staying power.
  • Long applicator for a smooth line.
  • Doesn’t tug on the lids.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Very affordable.
  • Can be easily removed with a makeup remover.
  • No irritation to the eyes.

What I do not like about NYC Liquid Eyeliner 887 Black Noir:

  • Not water-resistant/waterproof.
  • Have to wipe off the excess otherwise can smear on the eyelids.
  • Only two shades are available.
  • Unavailability in India.


NYC Eyeliner 887 Black Noir FOTD


Final Impression:

The liquid eyeliner is easy to use and excellent for a beginner like me. The added bonus is that I can actually see a line on my eyelids. Since I have small eyes, the eyepencils looked like an eyeshadow on me. Recommended if you are new to liquid eyeliners.

Rating– 3.5/5

Have you tried NYC Liquid Eyeliner 887 Black Noir?

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  1. Hey, seems like a nice buy. I am a complete beginner in eye lkiner application. I have a severe problem when it comes to symmetry- I can’t get both my eyes lined equally. Almost always 1 of my eyes has a thick fat layer and the other is like a feeble sorry attempt for a liner… I have given up on myself…

    • Hehe Purnima.. Seems like story of my life as well dear 🙂 My right eye seems to get d perfect love n d left eye is treated as a foster child 😉


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