NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick In 309 Sheer Red Review, Swatches & FOTD


NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick in 309 Sheer Red

Hello all you beautiful ladies!

I hope the month of festivities my favorite August has brought in a lot of joy and fun in each one of your lives! Yes, August is a sweet little baby who never fails to please anyone after all, August gave the world, the two most stunning characters alive me and Ira di!  And, of course, all the other cheerful festivals which call for celebrations!

Talking of celebration did I tell you guys that I found the perfect red lipstick to match all my festive and birthday party kind of moods? No? I didn’t? Oh ok, so let me share with you the review of one of the best lipsticks in my vanity the reviews for the NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear lipstick in shade 309 Sheer Red!

Diving straight to the product reviews now!

The NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick in 309 Sheer Red

About the NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick

Looking for uptown style? New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear adds instant Upper East Side polish to your look at a rock- bottom price. A wardrobe of on-trend shades makes stealing runway looks simple. Built-in conditioner creates a creamy, dreamy texture on your lips for an ultra moisturized feel. From catwalk to sidewalk in seconds, now you’re ready to take on Manhattan!

Price- $ 0.99 for 3.4 grams of product

Not that any of this was what i wanted to know! Neither did I introspect upon things after even knowing them! I know that’s pretty lousy, but hey, at least I am honest!

Packaging: Coming to the packaging, for 99 cents, i say it is quite nice! But keeping aside the price tag the lipstick seems to be rather lousy to me! In the sense that it is quite cute with the transparent cap and everything so you can see the shade and it gets really easy to locate in your stash if you own more than one from the same range! But the packaging looks quite clumsy to me when seen in respects of it being sturdy! I have my doubts with the cap breaking loose or cracking if it falls even from the shallowest of heights! And I am not even risking carrying it in my bag! You need to be a bit cautious while travelling with this one I believe!

And the bullet not that I am complaining for the price tag it comes along but it does not retract completely and somehow (no matter how much cautious i am while handling this) the tip of the lipstick bullet always gets snubbed!

The NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick in 309 Sheer Red Ingredients

My Experience With NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick In 309 Sheer Red

The NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick in 309 Sheer Red and Shade NameShade: Now this is seriously the most adorable part of this cute little baby! Just one look at the actual lipstick and you are scared to your wits end coz it’s a bold deep red almost maroonish to look at! And I actually passed it over to my mum without even swatching it on my hand! But the day she wore it I wanted it back, and I was all over the place begging for it 😛 !

The colour in the tube is pretty deceiving and the actual colour comes out to be a very pretty berry kind of a cherry-red tint and not a full blown red! The colour is very subtle, very wearable and perfect for those who dread the red-lip trend!

Texture and Pigmentation: The texture of the lipstick is pretty smooth no shimmer, no frost, no glitter, no matte just a pure creamy lipstick which has a soft and sheer kind of glossy sheen to it! The lipstick seems very moisturizing to me and it does not fill in the uneven lip lines! I personally don’t feel the need to wear it over a lip balm, as with one pretty swipe it comes out to be as a tinted lip balm only! Two-three swipes can build up the color opacity on non-pigmented even tone lips! But for the more pigmented lips, more than just a couple of swipes would be necessary! But the good part is that the color is buildable and it does not get gloopy on layering!

The pigmentation could be better though, but at this price, and finish I am a fan!

The NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick in 309 Sheer Red Swatch

Staying power: I wish I could say good things about the staying power of this lipstick as well! It transfers to everything your lips might be touching anything and everything to be precise! It stays for a pretty average 3 hours with drinks and light (oil-free) snacks and fades pretty evenly! Touch ups are mandatory every three hours with the NYC lippy!

My Take:

  If you know even an ounce of me, you know how scared I am of these red coloured lipsticks, but this particular gorgeous shade has made me fall in love with the hidden red-lover in me! The lipstick turned out to be the perfect snow-white kind of red tinted lip shade on me and I could feel myself look all pretty and flamboyant and stuff! I have my issues with the lipstick packaging, but i cannot disapprove of the fact that it is quite cute for the price it comes in!

I wear it as a stain (as a change from my regular baby lips) these days—yes, it is too humid to wear a full blown lipstick—lip stains and balms are my go to at this month of the year! The stain wears beautifully and fades very evenly—but once it fades, it fades! There is no trace of it to be found—it literally abandons me, leaving my lips bare!

The NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick in 309 Sheer Red FOTD

What I like about NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick In 309 Sheer Red?

  • Cute packaging
  • See-through lid
  • Gorgeous shade
  • Sheer finish
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Intensely moisturizing on the lips
  • Does not tug
  • No shimmers or frost finishes
  • Very creamy

What I don’t like about NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick In 309 Sheer Red?

  • The packaging could have been a bit more sturdy
  • Lack of pigmentation
  • Staying power should have been better
  • Transfers a lot
  • Non-availability in India

Rating: 3.5/5

Will I recommend?: Of course i will! If you want that red pop of sheer color on your lips without people turning at you and gazing at your succulent lips—this is the best bet for you! Plus, for 99 cents, experimenting with lipsticks just got better! 😛

Have You Tried The NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Lipstick in  309 Sheer Red?

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  1. Nice shade Ishleen..I think you should try some real orange based red shades..would suit you perfectly!

    And yes August gave to the world you and me! :-p 😉

    “Hum apne favorite hain!! ” :-* :-*

    • Hehe! HUm to sabke favourite hain :*
      And i do want to try an orange based red, but my mom does not want me to wear bright or bold colored lips before i get married! *sickindianmentality*
      I would have never dared wearing such a maroonish kind of red had it not been for Wiseshe 😛

    • But i think this shade will suit you better! and you could carry it off very easily!
      Plus, no one can be as gorgeous as you! You are everyone”s beauty inspiration! *lovestruck*


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